Friday, February 21, 2014

Days of Infamy

The infamy perpetrated by the Muslim Waqf, occurring daily upon Jerusalem's Temple Mount, cries out for speedy denunciation by the entire world. Tragically it will not happen for a veritable veil of deception has fallen across what is left of the West.
As Giulio Meotti, a journalist with the Italian newspaper, Il Foglio, wrote back in 2012: "The Waqf is now attempting to deliberately destroy all archaeological evidence of Jewish claims to this site, while using terror and intimidation to impose its exclusive claim to the Temple Mount. The Waqf has removed every sign of ancient Jewish presence at the site. At the entrance, a Waqf sign says "The Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyard and everything in it is Islamic property.
"Today Jews are barred from praying on the Mount and are not even allowed to carry any holy articles with them. With Muslim observers supervising visits, Israeli police, to their shame, have frequently arrested Jews for various "violations," such as singing or reciting a prayer even in a whisper."

What may well be one of the worst crimes against civilization is the ruthless and relentless destruction of Jewish and Christian artifacts and antiquities by the Moslem authorities, the Waqf, who were foolishly given permission by Israel's Moshe Dayan to control the Temple Mount in 1967.
This was done as one of numberless concession by the Jewish state to encourage Muslim peaceful coexistence. It was, and remains, a hope as delusional as a mirage in the desert. Remember the Taliban destruction of the 2,500 year old statues of Buddha in Afghanistan? It is, tragically, the same Muslim arrogance and hatred for all other religions.
Despite Israeli protests, the Waqf is in the process of deliberately desecrating tons of precious archaeologically rich soil. One archaeologist described the disturbed sites as "an archaeological crime" and an assault upon Jewish and Christian history.
Professor Gabriel Barkai, and other Israeli archeologists and volunteers, desperately search through the tons of earth and rubble unceremoniously dumped by the Muslim Authorities in the nearby Kidron Valley. The archaeologists and their helpers have uncovered thousands of rare and important artifacts from the First and Second Temple periods, as well as from Roman and Byzantine periods, among them a rare bulla dating from the First Temple Period.
But each precious find, ripped and torn from its age old location upon the Temple Mount by Palestinian Muslims, fatally compromises what each item can tell us: a most grievous and barbarous sin against history and civilization.
The catastrophe is continuing even now as the Muslim Waqf remorselessly desecrates and gleefully destroys all non-Muslim artifacts and antiquities and as much evidence as it can of Judeo-Christian civilization upon Jerusalem's Temple Mount.

The fear of Islam is so debilitating in Europe that governments are falling over themselves to placate and appease Islamic demands and are fearful of condemning the Palestinian and Muslim desecration on the Temple Mount. Jews who ascend the Mount are enjoined by their faith to do so with the utmost consideration for the sanctity of this holiest of all Jewish religious sites in the world.
But Muslims often stream out of the Al Aksa mosque filled with unholy violence after hearing hateful sermons at Friday prayers. Very often, young thugs throw rocks down upon the heads of Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall. Such is the venom by those who follow the "religion of peace."
The fact that young Arabs, those who call themselves Palestinians, desecrate the site by playing football upon it indicates how hypocritical are the Muslim claims that this is their third "holiest" Islamic site. The very purpose of building the two mosques upon the very place where the two Jewish temples stood and later a church was always a political Islamic decision in order to de-legitimize both Jewish and Christian associations with it and present to the world the "triumph" of Islam over Judaism and Christianity.
Sadly, by bowing to the dictates of the notorious Muslim Waqf, the present persecution of Jews upon their holiest site will continue. As if the wholesale destruction of Jewish antiquities - a crime against history and religion - is not a calamity by itself, the so-called Palestinian Authority has just in the last week or so now also demanded that even the Western Wall, known as the Kotel, be given to them.
We should remember that during the 19 years the Jordanians illegally occupied Judea and Samaria (the so-called West Bank), and, in particular, the eastern half of Jerusalem, including the Old City and the Western Wall, Jews were forbidden to pray at the Kotel, which the Jordanians deliberately used as a rubbish dump.
Christian pilgrims, during the 19 year old illegal Jordanian occupation, had to walk along a disgusting garbage strewn Via Dolorosa. Today, under Israeli administration, all faiths are free to worship without hindrance and with full respect except, of course, where the Muslim Waqf exerts its noxious influence.
In addition to the disrespect shown Christian pilgrims under the Jordanian occupation, 57 ancient synagogues were destroyed in the Old City after the Jewish residents had been driven out and the Jewish gravestones upon the Mount of Olives desecrated and used as latrines by the Jordanian Arab Legion.
That will be the fate again of all Jewish and Christian sites if the Palestinian Authority occupies East Jerusalem and again divides the city, which the Obama Administration and the Kerry State Department, along with the European Union and the UN are pushing for.

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of several books including The Blue Hour, a collection of short stories, and Volumes One and Two of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.

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