Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Elan Carr for congress

Nurit Greenger | February 26th, 2014

Elan Carr is running for congress to represent California 33rd district, to replace retiring Rep. Harry Waxman.
Elan Carr resume is implacable, by far surpassing all the other runners.
Congressional race to replace Waxman takes shape with new candidates, endorsements -
Married to Dalia who is a doctor, and a father to two and a third child due in May, Elan Carr is an all round impressive runner in the race.
It will be an open primary run in June 2014 and then he will advance to November 2014 runoff.
Elan Carr resume includes:
Practicing attorney in the private sector
Public prosecutor
Served in the military with two tour of duty in Iraq

What moves Elan Carr:
  • His love for his country – the Carr couple discussed the task at hand and have decided that for the people and their country Elan should run for congress.
  • His love for the state of Israel – Elan even has the command of the Hebrew language
  • His belief in Jewish values / value of Judaism
Elan Carr's campaign started last night at the home of his parents Carmela and Nissan Pardo, in Los Angeles.
We have not had such qualified candidate in California for many years. To have a successful political run a candidate needs support, i.e. money, to be invited to public appearances and help spreading the word.
We live in a free country and our voice is relevant, can be significant.
Please show your support; you have a pen, you have a phone and you can read more about Elan Carr to spread the word about Elan Carr's run for congress:
Photos all by Orly Halevy:
From L- Dalia and Elan Carr, Carmela and Nisan Pardo
Dalia and Elan Carr

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