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Dangerous Times: Benghazi Means Betrayal

“Danged if I know!” answered Dr. Susan Rice when asked about the administration’s multiple betrayals of U.S. policy, its many violations of ordinary decency, its massive electoral coverups, Obama’s daily bad faith lies to the American people, and worst of all, their knowing betrayal of Constitutional command responsibility in the miserable Benghazi fiasco.
Instead of “Danged if I know!” Dr. Rice is perfectly able to speak educated English, and with her Oxford doctorate she fully understands the many levels of treachery revealed by the Benghazi assault on 9/11/12  -- the 11th anniversary of the biggest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor.
The assault on America on 9/11/01 was conducted using ritualistic Muslim throat-slitting by trained Wahhabi murderers, killing American flight attendants and their cabin crews, the pride of American civil aviation, and crashing four civilian airplanes full of screaming human beings into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

The Wahhabi butchers of 9/11/01 used the exact animal throat cutting technique that Muslims practice on the ‘Eid al Adha holiday at the end of Ramadan, when every devout family kills a sheep for Allah, amid general rejoicing. That is an ancient Arabian desert celebration that has not changed since the 7th century CE.
Obama has known about  ‘Eid butchery since he attended Muslim school in Jakarta from age six to ten. Al Qaida simply applies animal butchery to human children and other innocents, if they refuse to convert to Islam.
First level of Benghazi betrayal: The Benghazi attack on 9/11/13 was a deliberate signal, recognized by every Muslim in the world, and by every member of this administration, that Al Qaida was winning the Jihad War against America, contrary to a massive election-time lie by the Democrats and our beneath-contempt media that “Al Qaida is on the run.”
Six weeks before the U.S. presidential election, Al Qaida signaled plainly and clearly that it was expanding and killing more every day. Every informed person in the world understood that, except for the American people, who are bamboozled on a daily basis by our political media class.
Go back to the news headlines on that day, and you can’t see it plain as the nose on your face. If you did not understand the front-page photos that day, it’s because our oil-bought media have pulled the wool over your eyes. Your bad. Their win.
Benghazi was an open signal to the Muslim world, because the black Al Qaida flag was shown flying in triumph over the U.S. embassies in Cairo and Tunisia, while Ansar al Shari’a was killing our ambassador in Benghazi.
Multiple simultaneous murder assaults are the infamous signature of Al Qaida.
Benghazi was only one of the victories Obama has handed to the most radical butchers in the Muslim world. If you doubt that, ask any modern Egyptian or a freedom-loving Iranian. They will tell you, quietly.
Our country is at war today, and our media-political class have knowingly lied about the danger since the first World Trade Center attack in 1993. They lied again after 9/11/01, and hung out to dry the only president who dared to recognize the truth, George W. Bush. Indeed, our entire political-media class has smeared truth-tellers in America as “Islamophobes,” a whole new kind of racist sin that has never existed before in human history. There is no such thing as “Islamophobia,” because a phobia is a false fear. Fear of being killed by Al Qaida monsters in the Jihad War is not a false fear. It is a realistic fear in places like Syria, Iraq, and London, just as Americans feared Tojo’s Japan after Pearl Harbor, Stalin after the Soviet Bomb, and Communist infiltration in the 1950s. Those were not phobias. They were clear perceptions of a mortal national threat.
Modern Jihad war arose after fundamentalist Gulf oil theocracies gained control over the price of oil through the OPEC cartel, which still provides 40% of the oil used by Western Europe. Control of the oil supply gives them price control, as the Saudis showed the U.S. in the 1973 “Arab Oil Crisis.” By tweaking the oil price, the Saudis could destroy a politician in France or the United States. To keep the Saudis and Iranians happy, Western politicians have therefore colluded in four decades of massive Jihad penetration of their countries.
Carter’s response to Oil Crisis of the later 70s was to surrender U.S. diplomats to the first big jihadist tyranny in the world, the sadistic throwback regime of Ayatollah Khomeini. Today, Carter is still taking vast amounts of oil money, and no surprise, he is still dropping PR bombs for the most radical and women-hating regimes in the world. This is the real war against women.
Jimmy Carter is the biggest living fraud in U.S. politics, except for the Clintons and Obama -- all beholden to the same puppet masters. There is a reason why Hillary’s closest “aide” at the State Department was Huma Abedin, a Muslim Brotherhood plant.
The purpose of Jihad coverup in the West is to hide massive collusion between jihadist oil regimes and our political class. The signs of that collusion and threat to our society are plainly visible in the Democratic Party’s readiness to guzzle vast quantities of oil money in exchange for Muslim Brotherhood penetration at the very highest levels of our government. The Muslim Brotherhood spawned Hamas and even Al Qaida -- Bin Laden was an MB member before he founded Al Qaida, and his followers keep taking Arab and Iranian money to kill more innocent people.
Obama and his appointees understood the front-page news on 9/11/13 as quickly as every other Muslim sympathizer in the world. That multiple publicity attack, the murder of a U.S. ambassador, along with the black AQ flag flying over the Cairo Embassy, added up to a completely predictable signal to every student of jihadist terrorism in the last forty years. Every government in the world knows this, except for the American people.
Conservative journalists have done a lot of digging since 9/11/13, and we now know multiple levels of betrayal revealed by Benghazi. There are personal betrayals -- Ambassador Stevens was a political ally of Mr. Obama’s. There are betrayals of military command responsibility -- for a U.S. officer to leave soldiers under attack with no effort to save them is a capital crime under the Military Code of Justice, and it is a profound violation of the mutual trust that makes military units work.
The whole Stevens arms smuggling operation to Qaidaist butchers involved active U.S. collusion with crimes against humanity, since our “allies” in Syria routinely kill innocents, including the mass decapitation of children in the Syrian Christian village of Ma’aloula. The latest Boko Haram slave-taking kidnap of almost 300 young girls in Nigeria is just another Al Qaida gang doing its worst, and now we know that Hillary’s State Department protected Boko Haram during her tenure. (“Boko haram” means “education is forbidden.” Ignorance is how jihadists control women and children).
Ambassador Stevens, a CIA plant under State Department cover, was himself guilty of stirring up a major tribal revolt against Muammar Gadaffi, who was overthrown with active NATO collusion, leading to a massive civil war in which thousands of people are still dying today. Gadaffi posed no clear and present danger, and he had surrendered his nuclear program to the Bush Administration. Gadaffi’s regime, for all its foibles, managed to keep the peace in Libya, and was recognized as sovereign by the United States. But we stabbed him in the back anyway, and Ambassador Stevens wielded the dagger.
Want to see even more levels of betrayal? This is the administration of double- and triple-cross. Obama is, after all, the most anti-American president in history, his real claim to historic fame. Obama turns all our values upside-down -- morality, decency, tolerance, freedom, equality before the law, genuine democracy, loyalty, science, reason, and most of all, respect for the law. This is the first “oppositional-defiant” administration in our history, a true aberration that is listed in the psychiatric manual.
Which is why Ambassador Rice used ghetto slang to dismiss the Benghazi betrayal -- “Danged if I know!” Followed by staged laughter, on cue. This modus operandi is identical to Obama’s giving the finger to Hillary during their primary debate, followed by staged laughter from his buds. It was just another way of saying “up  yours, middle class suckers of America!”  In her Congressional testimony Hillary put it this way: “Who, at this point, cares about Benghazi anymore”? 
But we care, ladies, because we see our country being corrupted and betrayed, and we will not stand for it.
Today, the Benghazi coverup is still going on, with CNN’s Zucker swearing up and down that no, he will never cover Benghazi because it’s a phony scandal.
Well, we will see, won’t we?
Intelligence analyst Clare Lopez and her committee of senior military and intelligence experts have estimated that U.S. arms to AQ amount to half a billion dollars. But our minds rebel at the mounting evidence that the United States has knowingly sided with the most barbaric and genocidal war ideology since the SS murder battalions and Japanese mass killings in World War II.
Around 1940, England’s King Edward VII tried to surrender Britain to Hitler, in anticipation of a Nazi invasion in World War II. Churchill became aware of Edward’s treachery, and exiled him to the Bahamas for the duration of the war. Though many of the English were vaguely aware of Edward’s treason, his betrayal has never been fully recognized in Britain, even today.
In the same way, vast oil-money penetration of American and European politics, media, and universities is an open secret, yet our minds are unwilling to take the next step: That Democrats since Jimmy Carter have knowingly colluded with jihadist regimes, first of all the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran in 1979, and of course the Saudis. We can now see jihadist money flows going straight to the Carter and Clinton presidential centers. Now we know why the Muslim Brotherhood wanted Huma Abedin to be Hillary’s personal aide. Now we know why Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt -- until the Egyptian elites revolted. Now we know why the radical Islamist Recip Tayyip Erdogan was allowed to take over Turkey a dozen years ago, and why he is still Obama’s “best friend” in the Middle East. Now we know why Israel had to be systematically betrayed starting with Jimmy Carter, and culminating in Obama’s surrender to Iran’s nuclear bomb program.
Obama’s Benghazi betrayal ripped the veil of secrecy from the pro-jihad policy in this administration. That is why Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic media had to cover it up in the weeks before the election.
The Benghazi betrayal is therefore not just a single time bomb, but a whole arms factory full of bombs, ready to blow up into the biggest foreign policy crisis in American history. Our political-media class has been bought up with oil money, creating the equivalent of the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1938: A fundamental alliance between the radical Left and the medieval theocrats of Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Afghanistan, and the rest. Our political-media class has knowingly sided with jihadist theocrats for the last forty years. That is why Europe now has millions of militant Islamist immigrants in London, Paris and Berlin, a policy that is being followed by the Democrats in America.
A few days ago Cairo’s Al Ahram tried to explain Obama’s favorite “moderates,” the Muslim Brotherhood, to clueless Americans:
“Most if not all the terrorist outlaw groups ... stem from the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, are directly connected to Al-Qaeda and use the same explosive substances that that organisation uses in Iraq and Afghanistan. ...
Has not the Hamas movement, which the West has listed as a terrorist group, acknowledged that it is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood that, in turn, never concealed its close ties and relations with Hamas? Did not the deposed president (Mubarak) help achieve a reconciliation between Hamas and Israel during his period of rule, which had never previously occurred in spite of many years of sustained efforts under the former regime?
Did not the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood refuse all invitations to take part in the political process and the formulation of the new political roadmap?
Has no one in the West asked who stands to benefit from the instability, unrest and terrorism that Egypt suffers and from the ongoing attempts to obstruct the roadmap, especially now that it is approaching its second juncture, the presidential elections?
Has no one in the West realised the magnitude of the threat of radical Islamism and how dangerous it is to support it? Has no one there understood that it threatens the West and the entire international community?
You know the answer.
The Democrats are now preparing to clown it up for the upcoming Congressional hearings. Benghazi, Benghazi! they will shout. What does Benghazi mean anyway?
(Lesson 1: “Ben ghazi” means “son of the desert warrior” in Arabic. That is another reason why violent Muslims love to bandy it about. If you hear a liberal ask “What does Benghazi mean?” you now have the first answer. Educate a liberal today.
The coming media defense of Obama will be all about the meaning of Benghazi. They will say it has no meaning. But we know the meaning.
Benghazi means betrayal.

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