Sunday, October 28, 2007

Arab MK's bring out the failed playbook

Comment: You will read two short news releases just put out minutes ago-no one is amazed with the timing. When you know that your government/leadership is incapable, unable and unwilling to manage his people in but one disputed territory, you know what is about to occur. The November Conference will fail because of the aforementioned weakness of the leadership and its inability to direct responsible behavior by its citizens. What to do-quite simple, put it on Israel. Notice that the two Israeli MK's, fifth column PA Arabs, demand all of the non-starters from previous talks. They know Israel will not agree to these outrageous demands and thus, it is Israel's fault. They will say we identified our demands and it is Israel who obviously does not want peace.Nonsense! It is the Arabs who want piece, yes the whole piece we call Israel. MK Zahalka: We won't agree to 'Jerusalem for Umm el-Fahem'
Published: 10.28.07, 10:51 / Israel News
Knesset Member Jamal Zahalka (Balad) on Sunday addressed Minister for Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman's demand to include a population exchange in the permanent agreement with the Palestinians, saying that Israel's Arabs "object a 'Jerusalem for Umm el-Fahem deal.'

"Lieberman can calm down. There won’t be an agreement without a fundamental change in the Israeli stance toward the Arab peace initiative," Zahalka said. (Sharon Roffe-Ofir)


MK Tibi: No peace deal without removal of settlers Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST Oct. 28, 2007

"There can be no peace deal without the dismantlement of settlements and the removal of settlers, including immigrants who have came from abroad and have taken control in the West Bank of a land that doesn't belong to them," MK Ahmad Tibi (UAL) said Sunday.
Tibi was responding to Israel Beiteinu's "red lines" announced Saturday night by party chairman Avigdor Lieberman ahead of the Annapolis parley. Lieberman declared that his party would only support a final-status agreement if it included a land swap and the transfer of Israeli Arabs to Palestinian territories.
"The borders will be the 1967 lines, including east Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine," Israel Radio quoted Tibi as saying.

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