Wednesday, October 31, 2007


52 MKs support bill to subject any concession of J'lem land to referendum52 Members of Knesset, half of them of members of the government coalition, supported a bill proposed by MK Silvan Shalom (Likud) which stated that any concession of territory in Jerusalem must first be approved in a referendum, Israel Radio reported Wednesday.

Further, the bill stated that such a concession must also be approved by a majority of MKs.

Shalom stated that it was unacceptable for such an important decision to be decided in a crooked manner.

Comment: At first blush this looks wonderful. Look again. First only 52 MK's voted affirmatively for this-the ones you expect to vote in such a manner. This action takes the heat off the backs of the Knesset members. How? By putting the item of Jerusalem on a referendum, they do not have to truly take a stand and they put the responsibility on the hands of the electorate.I am in favor of the latter but suggest the MK's must be held accountable within their own body-other vote possibilities exist

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