Wednesday, October 31, 2007

President Unilateral Embargo Hollow’

From the Iran Media:

TEHRAN, Oct. 30--President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said America’s recent unilateral sanctions over Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities are ’hollow’.
“The recent US decision (against Iran) has made it clear that the Americans are unable to harm us unilaterally,“ the president said while addressing the third round of nationwide assembly of municipal councils on Tuesday, IRNA reported.
He was commenting on Washington’s announcement on October 25 that it has unilaterally imposed a package of sanctions against Iran over its peaceful nuclear activities, targeting Iranian banks and companies, IRNA reported.
“The Americans think that they can force the Iranian nation to retreat by imposing unilateral economic sanctions and publicizing through some of their internal agents that the sanctions are effective and that people are facing economic difficulties,“ he added.
The president stressed that the people of Iran should know that the evil hands involved in economic sabotage have been identified and will be completely cleansed from the country’s economic scene soon.
“Today the political and propaganda campaigns to stop the Iranian nation have failed and the enemies have realized that they are unable to check the progress of the Iranian nation,“ he said.
Ahmadinejad said time is ripe for heads of certain European countries to act independently.
“The independent move of heads of certain European states will be in their own interest. We welcome the independent views of certain governments,“ he said.
The chief executive also said certain powers, the US in particular, should learn from the current events otherwise they will be driven to isolation.
Declaring that the Iranian nation is a state of defense readiness, he said thanks to the national perseverance, Iran will defend its integrity and independence.
“Experience has shown that whenever the nation has resisted pressures and threats, no power can harm their might and interests,“ he said.
Ahmadinejad said these powers should know that the era of bombardment, jet fighters and bullying other nations have ended.
“We’ve never taken reciprocal action against the European countries’ rhetoric and only give them advice to come to terms with Iran,“ he said.
“But if certain states decide to inflict economic losses on Iran, we will stop economic cooperation with them.“

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