Thursday, October 25, 2007

A few news briefs from today

An analysis by UN experts reveals that Hizbollah has not only regained its military potential from before the Lebanon war in July 2006, but has also increased it. An announcement made by the Syrian Foreign Ministry has denied the report published by the Washington Post that the site bombed last month by the Israeli Air Force housed a nuclear power plant.

The IDF has responded to the firing of kassams and mortar shells on the western Negev. The Air Force bombed the group of terrorists who had launched the missiles at Israel. Two Palestinians were killed.

Gaza Strip: the Palestinian Interior Ministry, headed by Hamas, has announced that it has arrested the ''network of the most dangerous collaborators in the Gaza Strip''. In the words of the Palestinian Ministry, the four arrested men had been forced by Israel to gather information on Gilad Shalit's place of detention

Four kssam rockets and several mortar shells fell on Sderot a few minutes ago. Two rockets hit a residential area of the city. Many people are in shock. One of the shells that crashed in a field near Erez caused a slight fire.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced that UN sanctions against Tehran would not affect Iran's nuclear ambitions. ''They represent nothing more than a pile of paper'', the Iranian president said.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Wednesday that it was necessary to impose sanctions against Iran, in order to restrict its nuclear ambitions. However, he did not rule out the use of military force.

Due to a water shortage in Jordan, Amman is trying to modify its contract with Damascus. The agreement stipulates that half of the water from the Yarmouk River should be diverted to Syria. According to the Jordanian newspaper A Doustour, there is a shortage of half a billion cubic meters of water in to the Hashemite Kingdom, and if negotiations fail between the Water Offices of the two countries, Jordan will find have to find a solution on the diplomatic level. Under the peace agreement signed between Israel and Jordan, the latter provides an annual amount of 25 million cubic meters of water from the Yarmouk to the Jewish state.

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