Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Homeland Security report and congressional leaders like Senator Joseph Lieberman – agree that these websites should be shut down.

The websites in question are not protected under free speech rights granted by the Constitution. Due to their content they are in violation of federal law. Just as it is unlawful to yell "fire" in a crowded theater, because of the imminent threat and danger posed, so is it unlawful to advocate violence and acts of terrorism on a website.
To see an expanded screen shot of this communication thread, go here note that we are not forwarding you the worst or most violent elements from these websites, as we do not want to violate federal law by doing so. For instance, we are not including in this email videos of beheadings that are included on some of these sites. Nor are we including information from these sites on how to construct and use bombs for terrorist attacks.

Below is a single example of the kind of content that exists on these websites,...The first segments are actual images captured from the website, followed by an English translation. This communication thread deals with warnings to jihadists and terror cells in the U.S. regarding how to avoid being caught as they pursue their terrorist objectives.

Date of the thread: January/17/2008

"Do you wish to conduct a Jihadi Operation inside the US? Read here, it is very important

….…I would like to clarify to those who wish to do operations within the USA what you may face…………
Who is the enemy of the Jihadi secret cells inside the US?
Your first enemy is the "US Citizen". As long as you have Arabic or Asian looks the US Citizen will look at you with suspicion and he observes your movement with an eagle eye even if in reality you are not involved in anything and even if you go to night clubs and bars. He looked at you that you are faking it. Be aware of the US Citizen he will call the authorities under the smallest of suspicions.

Your second enemy is the Immigration Department because they know everything about you and will share everything they know with the FBI… They put your phone calls under surveillance………

Then and this is important your enemy is an army of apostates informants, false muslims who sold themselves to the FBI, ATF, CTTF, there are a many of them, if you talk to an muslim Arab in America then know that there is 70% chance you are talking to an informant.

Then your final enemy us your knowledge of all the above and what you do, your education about intelligence issues, the accuracy of your observation of what is going on around you and be very careful about your behavior.

Those are only few things of what you will face if you want to act inside the US and conduct operations there and peace be upon you."

End of partial translation

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