Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"The people of Jordan are with Hamas"

Memo to Robert Leiken of the Nixon Center, who has recommended that the U.S. do business with the Muslim Brotherhood, which he maintains is now a moderate and mainstream (as it is called in this article) organization: read this closely. "Jordanians rally in support of Hamas in Gaza," by Suleiman al-Khalidi for Reuters (thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist):

AMMAN (Reuters) - Chanting slogans urging Islamist Hamas militants to resume suicide bombings against Israel, thousands of Jordanians marched in the capital on Friday to protest against Israel's blockade of Gaza.

About 8,000 activists from Jordan's mainstream Muslim Brotherhood took to the streets to support their ideological allies, the Palestinian Hamas group, and hail militants' success in breaching the Gaza border in defiance of an Israeli blockade.

"The people of Jordan are with Hamas," chanted the crowds who called on the Islamist group to resume a campaign of suicide bombings and intensify rocket attacks against Israel.

""Oh Hamas hit them with al-Qassam rockets ... bring the suicide bombers to Tel Aviv ," they chanted, waving the green flags of Jordan's opposition Muslim Brotherhood....

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