Sunday, January 27, 2008

Israel says it wants to stop supplying electricity and water to Gaza

Did you even know that the wicked Zionists were supplying electricity and water to Gaza in the first place? Just stop and consider for a moment the implications of that fact in light of the febrile Leftist/jihadist rhetoric about Israel. Meanwhile, at this point it would create an extremely interesting situation if Israel formally ceded Gaza back to Egypt, recognizing Egyptian sovereignty there as it prevailed before 1967. What would that do for the push for a Palestinian state? Would BushRice insist that the Mubarak regime relinquish Gaza to the sovereignty of the Palestinians?

"Israel says it wants no ties with Gaza," from AP (thanks to Louis):

JERUSALEM - A top Israeli defense official said Thursday that Israel wants to relinquish all responsibility for the Gaza Strip, including the supply of electricity and water, now that the territory's southern border with Egypt has been opened.

"We need to understand that when Gaza is open to the other side we lose responsibility for it," Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai said, according to his office. "So we want to disconnect from it."

It was not immediately clear if Vilnai spoke for the entire government.

"We want to stop supplying electricity to them, stop supplying them with water and medicine, so that it would come from another place," Vilnai said.

Israel will continue to be responsible for the flow of such supplies into the Gaza Strip until an alternative is found, the office quoted him as saying.

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