Sunday, March 30, 2008


From the Editor of SUA

I wish it weren't so.......but it is. Watch this pre-release of what is happening in the Netherlands......See it now on Stand Up America...for all to see. This is what is being passed around the globe about Islam. There must be many decent Muslims who want desperately to escape the
tyranny of Islamic fundamentalism; they must revolt against Islamism if there is to be any chance for them and us in the west to avoid the ensuing conflagration.

It appears that the Netherlands is going to be the West's battleground and first line of defense against the enemy; first the Van Gogh murder; then the Ayaan Hirsi Ali escape; the Netherlands politicians brave stand and now the movie "Fitna".

The real movement to change Islam must come from within Islam. The "Fitna" film is accessible on the second frame down on Serveur 2.;

Thanks to Stand Up America

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