Friday, March 28, 2008

Unholy alliance targets all

Syrian news opinion piece-thought you should read their perspective

R. Zein
Tragic events in the troubled Arab region have shown that the US Administration of George W. Bush intends to go on with its neo-colonial and expansionist project and with its policy of war, threat and intimidation with the objective of validating intervention, occupation and aggression.

The evil project in the rich and geo-politically important Arab region is a project of US hegemony drawn up with the full participation of Israel. Bush and his neo-conservative aides as well as Israeli leaders continued to defend their flagrant policy under the pretext of battling what they call terrorism and extremism, protecting freedom and democracy and seeking peace and security. ‏

The pretexts have proven to be totally groundless -if not mere lies- as tangible events on the ground have been diametrically different. What the policy and project of the sinister US-Israeli alliance have produced are bloodshed, violence, terrorism, chaos and destruction. Millions of Arab people have been killed, wounded, maimed and displaced, especially in war-torn Iraq, divided Palestine, troubled Lebanon, cornered Sudan and dismembered Somalia.. If some think that the alliance between the Arab nation`s arch foes has anything to do with peace and security, with freedom and democracy and with returning rights and lands to legitimate Arab owners, they are totally mistaken. The unholy alliance targets all Arabs with no exception, and threatens their very existence. ‏

That is why the Arab leaders are, irrespective of some inter-differences, called upon to be fully aware of the destructive US-Israeli project, to stand united against it and to revive solidarity. Constructive pan-Arab solidarity, which is being feverishly embattled by the nation`s enemies, is the only weapon left to confront all forms of occupation, aggression and hegemony, defend legitimate rights and lands and help establish a just and comprehensive Mideast peace. ‏

True Arab solidarity in the past has proven to be fruitful and has served good. There are hopefully no big obstacles that prevent this sharp weapon from being rightly and properly used in the national interests of all Arabs. ‏

The forthcoming Arab summit in Damascus can be a rich opportunity to end differences, unite ranks, restore solidarity and put things in the right course before further calamities are befallen on the Arabs and the region is put on the verge of total collapse in favour of the nation`s foes.

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