Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here is THE difference between us and Islam

DEFEND WAFA SULTAN FROM A FATWAH-she bravely speaks out, exhibits freedom of speech and they cannot tolerate such language-their answer: issue a call for her death. Defenders of this thinking do not represent decent humanity and those in the West need to heed the call to stand up and say, "ENOUGH!" Last Sunday was the third time I (Aggie) heard Dr. Wafa Sultan, a Syrian born psychiatrist, speak the truth about Islam. Listen to her on Al Jazeera (her opponent speaks first) as she stands up to the propagandist Arab lies.

The bravery of people like Dr. Sultan is indispensable to making a difference, to giving courage to other Muslims to speak the truth, and is instrumental in protecting our values and way of life.

As a result of Dr. Sultan's courageous debate, imam Al Qaraadawi has issued a fatwa (religious edict) against her; she is now in hiding.

Please write to the embassy of Qatar to deplore the fatwa of imam Al Qaradaawi. This imam has no right to decree punishment against a person residing in the U.S., who speaks her opinion and upholds the truth.

Thanks Aggie

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