Monday, April 28, 2008

Blamed for failure

Arab media:

To some it was long overdue. But Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is clearly a patient man. For months now, he has been telling Palestinians they should trust that he could deliver peace.

For months he has been telling his people that Washington is serious about a just and lasting agreement that would see the creation of a Palestinian state to live peacefully and prosper alongside Israel.
For months, Israel has been making a mockery of his good intentions by continuing to build settlements in the occupied territories, refusing to negotiate the status of Jerusalem and maintaining a vice-like grip on Palestinian lives everywhere.

Throughout all this, Washington has remained silent.

Friday, Abbas held a meeting with US President George W. Bush, and finally his patience snapped.

The meeting, he said, achieved nothing. The US will not even affirm that it is committed to a Palestinian state on 1967 borders.

Abbas, angry, now has to return to Ramallah to pick up the pieces, just as Bush prepares to come and celebrate 60 years of Israel’s existence, 60 years of unmitigated and unresolved injustice for Palestinians.

Some celebration to partake in for this “unbiased” mediator!

Where now for Abbas and the peace process?

Hamas has declared it is willing to enter into a six-month ceasefire with Israel. That six months should be used by Abbas and the US to hammer out an agreement that the Palestinian president can take to his people without embarrassment. Hamas has declared it is willing to abide by the will of the Palestinian people.

This is yet another historic opportunity. If Abbas, with quiet in Gaza and a committed US administration, can negotiate a deal acceptable to his people, peace is within reach. But acceptable means, simply, in line with international law. Neither Israel nor the US has shown any inclination whatsoever to abide by international law.

If that attitude does not change, this chance will be lost and the opportunity may not come around again for a long time. Time and proper US mediation is of the essence. This could not be more crucial.

This time, only the Americans and their unwavering and irrational support for Israel can be blamed for any failure.

Comment:I thought you would find it interesting how the Arab media continues to spew its message. They never waver, they persevere with the same story line as they know the west ultimately "caves in"-we tire of constantly re-stating the truth. Abbas, Fatah, Hamas et al all know that Israel's position is to NOT accept the "1967 borders" as the demarcation line. Again, the "1967 border" is a media ploy, it is not real, then nor now.Thus, this latest "failure" by Abbas, explained away to be caused by Israel and America, buoys up Abbas for the moment. He returns to his "people" and cries, complains about how unfair we are and that we are to blame. This is classic victim behavior that has been allowed to dominate Palestinian actions for decades. The media is a willing co-conspirator!

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