Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Multiculturalism triumphant: UK now the center of jihad terror in Europe

What a proud moment!

"UK centre of Islamist terror in Europe: Europol," from the Economic Times (thanks to Narain Kataria):

LONDON: Britain has emerged as the focal point of Islamist terror in Europe, according to Europol, the European police force.

A report on terrorism by Europol has claimed that the UK reported a 30 per cent increase in arrest of terror suspects last year. Out of 203 persons arrested in 2007 in the UK, a majority were related to Islamist terrorism. In contrast, 201 were detained in the rest of Europe. French police made 91 arrests.

The number of suspects under investigation in Britain has risen from 500 in 2004 to 2,000 last year.

What is worrying is that the number of arrests involved young, radicalised British muslims, sparking fears that the threat of an attack is growing....

Hmmm. And where are those young, British Muslims getting their jihadist indoctrination?

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