Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MK Eitam: Arab MKs Broke a New Record for Treason

Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Knesset Member Effie Eitam (National Union-National Religious Party) slammed Arab MK Ibrahim Sarsur (Ra’am-Ta’al) on Monday night after Sarsur compared IDF soldiers to Nazis and claimed Israel was targeting Arab civilians for extermination.

MK Eitam called the Nazi comparison “chilling” and said, "MK Sarsur's desecration of the memory of the
“The Arab MKs have again proven their loyalty to the enemy." -- MK Eitam
Holocaust will never be forgiven, and it will remain a moral stain that will force the Knesset presidency to take appropriate action." The statement by MK Sarsur was the latest in a series of incidents demonstrating that "Arab MKs have broken a new record in traitorous behavior towards the state and the IDF," said Eitam. "The Arab MKs have again proven their loyalty to the enemy," he said, adding that MKs who side with enemy elements, such as Hamas, should be removed from the Knesset as quickly as possible.

On Monday, MK Sarsur compared IDF soldiers to Nazis after five Arab civilians were killed in Gaza during an IDF counter-terrorism operation.

An initial IDF investigation showed that the civilians were not killed by the Israel Air Force strike. Rather, Arab terrorists were carrying a bomb near the family's house that detonated by accident. The IDF later ordered the artillery commander of the Southern Command to investigate Monday's deaths more in depth.

Sarsur said in a press statement, "Every day Israel proves that her army is the Nazis’ chief competitor and that it carries out an ideology of extermination." He blamed Israel for the civilians' deaths, calling the incident a "massacre of a Palestinian family... in the context of new aggression by the occupation army in the northern Gaza Strip."

The Arab MK emphasized, "We have no doubt that Israel is targeting Palestinian civilians for death, for shredding [their bodies], for starvation and for destruction [of their homes]...." Sarsur added that IDF spokesmen are lying when they say that the army doesn't target civilians.

IDF spokesmen said that "additional inquiries are to be carried out, in order to eliminate any possible doubt regarding the accuracy" of the initial conclusions placing the blame at Hamas's doorstep. "By intentionally operating from within heavily populated areas, and using them for cover, the terrorist organization exploits civilians as human shields," the IDF Spokesman's Office added.

The IDF probe comes 24 hours after the incident, while an intensive PA public relations campaign has already mostly succeeded in placing the blame on Israel. On Thursday, donor nations to the PA are scheduled to meet in London, where it is expected that they will severely condemn Israel over Monday's deaths.

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