Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sderot Residents Protest Non-Stop Rockets

Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Following a day of enemy rocket barrages from Gaza, hundreds of residents of the southern city of Sderot took to the streets in an angry spontaneous demonstration Monday night. They protested against the government's failure to stop the Palestinian Authority attacks on them. Attacks continued Tuesday morning, with PA rockets and mortars slamming into a home in Sderot and hitting a medical clinic in a kibbutz, among other targets. During their Monday protest, residents blocked the main entrance to Sderot and burned tires. The demonstration dispersed after a short time without incident.

PA terrorists fired 19 rockets at towns in the western Negev on Monday. Several people suffered shock, and kibbutzim (cooperative communities) in the area reported some damage to property. One rocket slammed into a local highway.

No Halt to Attacks
By Tuesday morning, Arab terrorists resumed their attacks on Israel. By 9:00 am at least ten rockets had fallen throughout the western Negev and several mortar shells landed in a kibbutz adjacent to Gaza.

Four Kassam rockets slammed into Sderot and its environs, with one hitting a house in the city and causing severe damage. Several people suffered from shock as a result of the attacks. One mortar shell fired by PA terrorists struck a medical clinic on a kibbutz in the Eshkol Region, causing slight damage to the reinforced structure.

One rocket exploded near a kibbutz in the Sha'ar HaNegev region, causing no injuries or damage. Four other rockets fell in the same vicinity, causing slight property damage.
Fatah, led by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and the Islamic Jihad both claimed to be behind the Tuesday morning barrage.

Fatah, led by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and the Islamic Jihad both claimed to be behind the Tuesday morning barrage.

Exactly one year ago, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared that the Israeli government "will not avoid the necessary steps to protect the residents of the South [and] cannot continue to ignore the Kassam launching and infiltration attempts of terrorist cells."

In other PA attacks, Arabs threw rocks at an Israeli vehicle on Monday night north of the Pisgat Zeev neighborhood of Jerusalem. No injuries were reported in the attack, but the vehicle sustained
damage. A similar rock-throwing incident too place the same night near the town of Kfar Tapuach, in Samaria. One vehicle was damaged and no injuries were reported.

In overnight IDF operations, soldiers apprehended 21 wanted terrorists in Judea and Samaria, including three who were caught in Tulkarm, six near Shechem, two in Kalkilya, adjacent to Kfar Saba, one in Ramallah and nine in the Hevron area. Still at large are two terrorists who escaped from a PA prison in Jericho Sunday night. Border Police also arrested approximately 300 PA residents who were found in pre-1967 Israel without work permits on Monday.

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