Friday, August 29, 2008

Israeli Arabs create jihad cell near Ramallah to assassinate Jewish pilots and scientists

Arab citizens of Israel continue to pose a threat to their "nation." "Israeli Arab Members Of Islamic Jihad Cell Plotted To Target Air Force Pilots & Scientists," from Infolive, August 28: Two Israeli Arabs suspected of setting up an Islamic Jihad cell near Ramallah and plotted to assassinate air force pilots and scientists were arrested this month by the Shin Bet.

Details released for publication on Thursday revealed that Anis Zfori,a twenty year old student of the Bir Zeit University near Ramallag and Hussam Halili, a 19 year old who studies in Jordan come from the western Galilee town of Shfaram. According to the Shin Bet both admitted to contacting Islamic Jihad headquarters in Damascus and raising funds to purchase weapons.

The pair confessed to contacting Islamic Jihad's headquarters in Syria and to raising funds to buy weapons. Cell members underwent weapons training and aside from plotting to assassinate prominent Israeli air force pilots and senior university professors, also planned to perpetrate a shooting attack on an IDF post outside of Ramallah.

Zfori said that after moving to Ramallah two years ago, he became friendly with members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and also befriended reporters who work at Hizbullah’s Al Manar television station.Zfori recruited Halili who he intended to use to transfer funds from Jordan to Israel. According to the Shin Bet Halili told investigators he was aware of Zfori’s plans to perpetrate terror attacks.

The two are due to appear in court next week. 08/29/08

Margot Dudkevitch

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