Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hamas: Israel forcing us to fire rockets Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST

With Kassam rockets raining down on cities in the western Negev, including Ashkelon, the Hamas military wing lashed out at Israel late Wednesday, saying that it was Israel, and not the Islamic group, which was responsible for the escalation.

"The increasing stupidity of Israel is forcing us to intensify the rocket fire, and put thousands more Zionists in the line of fire in order to protect the Palestinian people," a spokesperson for the military wing said. Also on Wednesday, Damascus-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal accused Israel of not keeping the truce and therefore being the one to put an end to the ceasefire, Israel Radio reported.

According to the report, Mashaal said that Israel failed to open the crossings into the Gaza Strip and did not cease cross-border military attacks.

In an interview with a Russian television channel, Mashaal criticized Egypt as well, and called on Cairo to open the Rafah crossing in order to break the blockade.

Earlier in the day, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on both sides to cease hostilities, and called the escalation "hard and regretful."

"Our people are facing attacks and a blockade," he said. "We are doing our utmost in order to achieve a full ceasefire, and to bring about a calm in the security situation."
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Comment: This is pure nonsense. What is absurd is the international community and media actually accepting this justification as legitimate. Talk about culpability! As long as Hamas leaders can get international support, favorable media attention then this behavior will continue. The UN is a useless organization-it should have with held aide when this began, it should have stopped payroll funding to Hamas workers. None of this has taken place. Israel has demonstrated incredible restraint and receives no credit from the international community. No other country would accept the ongoing bombing and shelling of its citizens. Those living in Gaza have a more "peaceful" daily life than Israelis in Southern Israel. The data is clear-if you do not possess it please let me know. If you have this information and still blame Israel you are no friend of ours!!

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