Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Operation Cast Lead: Information and Statistics – No. 2

Firing directed at the home front
Since the beginning of the IDF action in the Gaza Strip, 90 rockets and 45 mortars have fallen in Israel’s territory (most of the firing comes from the edge of the built-up areas in the Strip). As a result, two Israeli civilians (who were in open areas) were killed, 22 were wounded and 66 are suffering from severe anxiety. Incoming Fire since the Beginning of Cast Lead
Mortars Grads Qassams
Today, over 700,000 Israeli residents are under immediate threat due to the 40-km range of the rocket fire out of the Gaza Strip. All the schools and kindergartens within a 20-km range of the Strip are still closed.
Support of the home front: A Home Front Command Local Authority Liaison Unit (LALU) has been assigned to each city and local authority, headed by a officer ranking lieutenant colonel or colonel, whose job is to assist the authority. Additional communities have also been linked to the “Color Red” system (up to 30-km range) and communities up to a 40-km range have been hooked up to the siren.
The activities of our forces
Continued firing efforts – Targets attacked by the IDF include the Hamas terrorist operatives that were acting out of the organization’s command posts, headquarters, training camps and munitions warehouses.

Over the past 24-hour period, 109 sorties were carried out, striking 91 Hamas targets and destroying some 40 arms-smuggling tunnels along the Philadelphi Route. Among the targets hit were the office of Hamas government head Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza City, Hamas’ ministry of the interior, and munitions warehouses. Air Force planes also blasted a site for the production of means of warfare, and a weaponry R&D center that was located inside a building belonging to the Islamic University of Gaza. The building is an integral part of the system for developing and manufacturing various means of warfare and Qassam rockets. In addition, Israeli Navy forces attacked a number of targets in the Gaza Strip, including ships and Hamas posts. The forces reported accurate hits on their targets.
מדור אסטרטגיה 6352

A total of 250 sorties have been carried out since the beginning of the operation, striking over 400 Hamas targets (137 of them hit in the past 24 hours).
מדור אסטרטגיה 6352

We estimate 320 Palestinians killed, the overwhelming majority of them recognized as uniform-wearing terrorist operatives, and about 50 of them bystanders.
Humanitarian efforts
To prevent a humanitarian crisis, 23 supply trucks carrying flour, cooking gas, medicine and medical equipment were allowed to pass through the Kerem Shalom crossing. Today, 38 additional trucks with humanitarian aid and 10 ambulances are expected to cross into the Gaza Strip. The Kerem Shalom crossing will remain open until the trucks have crossed, and the Erez crossing will be open for cases of medical emergency. This comes to approximately 60 trucks of humanitarian aid in all since the beginning of the Cast Lead operation.
During the period of calm (June 16-Dec. 19), 17,000 humanitarian aid trucks entered the Strip, as opposed to 9,000 trucks last year (June-Dec.).
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