Monday, December 29, 2008

SPME Supports Israel's Right To Self Defense from Hamas's Ongoing Military Operations

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East supports Israel's right to live within safe and secure borders at peace with her neighbors and able to recognize their peaceful aspirations. Since returning Gaza over to the Palestinian rule two years ago, Israel has suffered nearly 6000 rocket attacks into its internationally-recognized sovereign borders, even during the six-month Hamas initiated-cease fire .Israel has been remarkably patient and restrained, with the understanding of trying to avoid civilian casualties. Israel has even, until now been willing to open checkpoints to allow material goods into Gaza.

With Hamas' decision to end the cease fire, accompanied with a sharp increase in the number of rocket attacks launched against her, Israel has been left with no choice but to stop the military aggression initiated by Hamas aimed at southern Israeli cities such as Sderot, Askelon and Beersheeva.

The intent of the Hamas rocket attacks is to drive Israelis out of Israel.

The intent of the Israeli preventative strikes this weekend against military targets in Gaza is to put an end to Hamas' unacceptable deadly ongoing relentless violence against Israeli citizens.

Contrary to Geneva rules of engagement, Hamas insists on using human shields by hiding their deadly military centers in civilian populated areas making civilian casualties unavoidable.

Israel has made it absolutely clear that when the rockets from Gaza and other deadly incitements against Israel cease, there will be no need for these necessary acts of self protection.

Adopted by the SPME Board of Directors, December 27, 2008.

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robb hamic said...

Self defense is everyone's right. It is certainly Israel's. Check out my site to learn Haganah. for Israeli self-defense.