Monday, November 28, 2011

How Moderate Muslims Get Trapped

Mohshin Habib • November 28, 2011

After a holy war on the Jews and the Christians, the Islamic Extremists try to destroy Muslims not to their liking.

After the hatred of the Jews, the Ahmadiyyans, or Qadiani, one of the Muslim sects living mostly in the Sub-Continent, are now suffering the same hatred as the Jews. Many incidents against both take place continuously; the suppression is becoming intolerable.

Recently, the followers of Gulam Ahmed Qadiani, who was born in the village of Qudian in Panjab, India, arranged a three day exhibition from September 23-25 at the Constitution Club in the Indian capital, New Delhi. The exhibition was an effort by this sect peacefully to highlight the Qur'an and Islam's teachings. Also on display were translations of the sacred text in 53 languages, including Russian, Korean, Vietnamese as well as many widely-spoken local languages. The initiative was shut down on the second day, following a vigorous protest by dozens of Islamic leaders and the Muslim legislators, demanding the closure of the exhibition, with the General Secretary of the Jama'at-i-Islami claiming that the Ahmadi sect was a product of the Christians and the Jews.

The clerics and protesters who forced the New Delhi police to shut down the exhibition whipped up the people by saying that the ruling Congress Party of India, the Israeli Embassy, and the governments of India and Israel support the Ahmadi Muslims' religious campaign across the world. A Pakistani Urdu newspaper, Roznama Ummat, stated that "the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is trying to enhance their impact and reach Muslims in India under the aegis of the Indian government and the support of the Israeli Embassy."

The prayer leader of the historic imperial Mosque of Delhi [Jam e Masjid], Maulana Syed Ahmad Bukhari, had warned the police of grave consequences if the Qadianis' international campaign to "fool" Muslims was not stopped.

Muslim protestors also said at the site that a diplomat from the Israeli government, who is a supporter of the Qadiani Jamaat in New Delhi, had also been present at the Constitution Club from day one, to "monitor" the exhibition.

This apparently created a crisis in the Indian government, which finally closed the Ahmadis exhibition down.

The protesters' other argument was that a distorted translation (or interpretation) of the Qur'an, especially the verses relating to the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ, were distributed at the exhibition; and that the followers of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat do not believe that Muhammad was the last prophet of Allah.

The Islamic leaders alleged that the group considers Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani a recent prophet, which is against the fundamental belief of Islam; the sect, however, claims that Qadiani was the reviver of Islam.

Except for Qadianis, most Muslims believe that Muhammad is the Final Prophet. It is Allah's decision that no prophet can come until the Day of Judgment.

In several Muslim countries, especially in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, the Ahmadiyya Jamaat has, in fact, been legally declared non-Muslim, and its followers pejoratively dismissed by Islamic clerics. In Pakistan, for example, Ahmadis are banned from referring to themselves as Muslims and are not allowed to use Islamic places used by Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims.

According to Indian law, however, Ahmedis are still Muslim; they believe in Islam and declare themselves Muslim.

It should be noted that a delegation of clerics from Iran visited India recently. They met Indian Shi'ite leaders and described how the Christian and Jews were planning to destroy Arab lands. They said that the Muslims of the Sub-Continent learned from the Christians and the Jews how the Qadianis achieved some success in Tunisia, Egypt, and were now targeting Bahrain, Libya and Yemen. Next, they said, would be Iran and Pakistan.

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