Monday, November 28, 2011

The Rules of War apply only to Israel‏

Ted Belman
Guess what, Iran: We’ll fire 150,000 missiles at Israel if attacked. OUCH.

Most of these missiles will be directed to Israel’s major cities along the coast. These are not military targets but civilian targets. The civilian casualties will be enormous. And I am not talking about “collateral damage”. I am talking the intentional killing of civilians. This is a war crime. But no where have I read that such an attack would be considered a war crime and that it will result in prosecutions. No western nation, that was quick to embrace the Goldstone Report, will say so. Nor will any nation quick to condemn Israel for using disproportionate force or being unconcerned with causing collateral damage, be so bold as to point out that the intentional killing of civilians by these Muslim forces will be prosecuted as war crimes.

Even if Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities and the army defences, it will in no way justify using these rockets to kill civilians.

This is the new definition of Asymmetric warfare. The rules of war apply only to Israel.

Ted Belman
Hagdud Ha'ivri #1
Jerusalem, Israel

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