Sunday, July 22, 2012

Israel-haters know they are lying (followup to Metro-North Map that Lies ad)

Elder of Ziyon

Last week I reported on the lying advertisements that were posted in Metro-North railroad stations this month, showing the ridiculous Map That Lies.

The person who put the ads up, Henry Clifford, told Fox News, “There’s always room for discussion of different sides of every story, but there’s no room for discussion on fact. Anyone who challenges these maps and the content of these ads, it’s their obligation to show that they’re historically wrong. The ball is in their court.”

I responded with a point-by-point refutation of the maps, pointing out that now the ball is in his court. Besides an initial response claiming he is too busy to do a full response, and even after I sent him a reminder email on Friday, he has not bothered to respond.

But Yaacov Lozowick emailed him a similar reply to mine - a bit shorter and better written. And Clifford's response to that email proves, yet again, that the anti-Israel crowd knows that they are lying, but they pretend they are lying for a good reason.

Here is his entire response to Yaacov:

In any format the bottom line is irrefutable - the Palestinian people have lost most of their homeland.
What happened to your professed interest in facts, Henry? You issued a challenge to disprove the ads based on facts, and they were disproved easily. But now, instead of admitting that your ads are lies, you are appealing to what you clearly consider "the bottom line."

Your pithy response indicates that you cannot respond to the facts. It indicates that you believe that lies are justified for the Palestinian Arab cause you advocate.

If you were a real man, consistent in your words and deeds, you would publicly admit that the ads were deceptive and have no relationship to the truth.

But you aren't. You are just a hater, and lying to further your hate is par for the course for you and the anti-Zionist crowd.

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