Saturday, December 22, 2012

Page turner for the holidays: The Lion of Justice

"The Lion of Justice is a well crafted, detailed political thriller. For those concerned about the USA's politically correct tactics in confronting global terrorism, this is an exciting read. For those who aren't, maybe this book is your wake up call. Either way, it is a compelling page turner." "This stunningly original story will grip you from start to finish with a sophisticated plot line and pulse-pounding action sequences. "The Lion of Justice" is the no-holds barred must-read thriller that we have all been waiting for." "The Lion of Justice" is the hauntingly real must-read thriller we have all been waiting for."

New novel depicts undercover agent racing against time to halt terrorist plot

"The Lion of Justice" by Don Morris and Michael Toro reveals a nightmare scenario of terrorist attack on California economy

The Lion of Justice is, a novel by Don Morris and Michael Toro, describes Islamic terrorists intent on spreading chaos with an attack in the San Francisco Bay Area and the efforts of an American-Muslim undercover law enforcement officer to stop them at any cost.
The novel demonstrates how a terrorist group with a strong ideological commitment could create, plan and execute a long-range scheme of horrendous atrocities, says Morris. It shows how politically correct institutions contribute to such plans and how they actually assist in their execution.
Morris and Toro were inspired by a desire to alert American citizens to what many perceive as a possible threat to our country. They bring their own experience in government and investigations in law enforcement to bear in a story aimed to engage, educate and spur action. The novel is an action-oriented thriller that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.
"The Lion of Justice" is available for sale online at and other channels.

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