Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Response to Brandeis re: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

by Bill Levinson
To Brandeis University
cc: IsraPundit
I read that President Lawrence caved in to pressure from some militant “Islamic” students, who apparently dislike what Ms. Ali has had to say about militant “Islam’s” treatment of women. Please convey to President Lawrence that he has lost my respect, and that Brandeis University has lost my respect.
I am not a politically correct person, and I say what needs to be said about nithings (a Scandinavian word for enemies of Humanity) that stone women to death for mostly imaginary offenses that include being rape victims, kill people for being Jews, Christians, or the wrong kinds of Muslims, crash airplanes into buildings, practice female genital mutilation, feel free to “take” any woman who does not cover her face with a sack, shoot up fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, and so on. Those are the behavioral choices—and I stress behavioral choices, because a behavioral choice is not a race or an ethnicity—that Ms. Ali condemns. If “Muslim” Brandeis students accuse her of attacking what they call Islam, then what they call Islam is indeed a problem.

Note that I put “Muslim” in quotes. Most Muslim-Americans do not act that way, or support that kind of behavior. Most of them probably immigrated for the same reason German Jews tried to immigrate from Germany during the 1930s; to get away from Nazis or their equivalent. They are not the Muslims whom Hirsi Ali is talking about, just like German Jews, other German refugees, and the White Rose Society (e.g. Sophie Scholl) were emphatically not Nazis. The Brandeis students in question, on the other hand, seem to support the behavioral choices I have described.
I can tell you, as a Penn State alumnus, that a Penn State education is as good as anything from an Ivy League University, or Brandeis, and it costs far less for in-state students. This is true despite the current problems with Penn State’s governance. It sounds to me like students should consider first-rate state Universities as alternatives to Brandeis, whose administration is clearly willing to let the dregs of humanity run the University.
More detail here: http://www.americanthinker.
Three Murderous Ideologies: Nazism, Communism, and Militant Islam
By William A. Levinson
Militant Islam has far more in common with Nazism and Communism than it does with any genuine religious faith. All three have two common elements: (1) the openly stated intention to rule the entire world and (2) a claim to the right to deport, oppress, re-educate, or exterminate those who do not fit into their regimes. Militant Islam can, despite the lessons of 1939-1945 as well as the Holodomor (genocide by starvation of Ukrainians), China’s Cultural Revolution, Stalin’s Great Purge, and the killing fields of Cambodia, promote this agenda today by masquerading as a religion, with all the legal and social protections that this implies.
Militant Islam Says It Will Dominate the World
“Your Job in Germany,” which was created by Theodor Seuss Geisel for the U.S. Army, discusses the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) explicitly starting at about 6:30. “They were brought up on straight propaganda, products of the worst educational crime in the history of the entire world.” That was true until the Hamasjugend, which is better-known as the Palestinian children’s show Pioneers of Tomorrow, came along.
In Pioneers of Tomorrow, a Mickey Mouse clone named Farfur talks explicitly of “world leadership under Islamic leadership.” The girl who co-hosts the show elaborates that “[w]e, the great ones [Herrenvolk], started this program to lead the world. The nucleus [Axis], with the will of Allah, will be here in Palestine.” Another Pioneers of Tomorrow video says openly, “We will annihilate the Jews[,]” and “[w]e’ve said more than once that becoming masters of the world requires the following; first, to be happy with our Arabic language.” The last ideology that talked about annihilating Jews and becoming master of the world came with a swastika.
…Opposition to Nazism during the late 1930s and early 1940s was in no way racist toward German-Americans. Almost all members of the German-American Bund were of German ancestry, but very few people of German ancestry joined the Bund. The problem Germans were easily identifiable through behavioral choices such as goose-stepping, heiling Hitler, and waving swastika flags. Most Muslim-Americans are similarly loyal citizens, while the problems are again easily identifiable from their behavioral choices.

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