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The Jewish Question

Alex Markovsky
Winston Churchill called Jews, “..the most formidable and the most
remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world.” We are
remarkable all right. When you have a smart Jew he predominates with
his intellectual prowess over the rest of the human race, but when you
have a dumb Jew, he is an insult to human intelligence.
As a Jew, I was perplexed which of those remarkable Jewish-Americans
voted for Obama in 2008; to me, it was completely obvious that the
alternative choices for president in 2008 were clear and unambiguous.
On the Republican side was a war hero, a strong supporter of Israel,
an experienced politician with a strong track record and a commitment
to public service. On the other side, for the Democrats, was a young
man of Muslim background, an inexperienced politician with no track
record of accomplishment whose personal files were mysteriously
sealed. Moreover, this man had dubious connections with anti-Semites
and America-haters. I was even more baffled in 2012. This time, the
choice was between Obama and Romney, a friend of Benjamin Netanyahu,
supporter of Israel, and a man with impeccable business and civil
service credentials. What could Obama do for Jews that Romney
couldn’t or wouldn’t do? What was it in the Democratic Party
platform that was so appealing to the Jews? What was I missing?
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Muslim Brotherhood launches its own U.S. political party
By Robert Spencer Apr 7, 2014
CAIR, MAS and their allied groups are so practiced in deception, and
so many American voters are so ignorant and indifferent, that this
group could gain real traction. Meanwhile, given that Muslims of
various sects vote as blocs in Iraq and elsewhere, it is not hard to
envision such a bloc emerging in the U.S., and ultimately transforming
American politics. “Muslim Brotherhood Launches Own U.S. Political
Party,” from Investor’s Business Daily
, April 1 (thanks to Antony):
Islamofascism: With an eye toward the 2016 election, the radical
Muslim Brotherhood has built the framework for a political party in
America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc.
‘Muslim voters have the potential to be swing voters in 2016,”
said Nihad Awad in launching the benign-sounding U.S. Council of
Muslim Organizations, whose membership reads like a Who’s Who of
Brotherhood front groups.
“We are aiming to bring more participation from the Muslim
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Palestinian Deception and the Unwarranted Trust of the West: The Case
of Palestinian Accession to International Conventions
Amb. Alan Baker <>
, April 17, 2014
Institute for Contemporary Affairs, founded jointly with the Wechsler
Family Foundation-Vol. 14, No. 10 
 On 1 April 2014, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed
letters requesting that “the State of Palestine” be granted
accession to 15 international conventions and treaties.
 This action by the Palestinian leadership, and the consequent,
hurried acceptance of the Palestinian applications by the UN and by
the Swiss government, raise serious questions both regarding the
flawed perception as to the very existence and legal status of a
sovereign state of “Palestine,” as well as to the potential
implications of what are serious violations of the Oslo Accords and of
the very integrity of the international law of treaties.
 If the UN and the governments of Switzerland and the Netherlands
acted in accordance with their legal and moral duties pursuant to
international treaty law and practice, they would have determined that
the requests by the Palestinian leadership for accession to the
conventions fail to meet the requirements of international law.
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Possible New Wave of Aliyah
Veteran demographer Yaakov Feitelson on recent trends in the Jewish
world. MOSAIC
Is Israel about to experience a new wave of Aliyah? An examination of
the various factors affecting Jewish communities around the world
leads to just such a conclusion. On the one hand, there are the
deepening economic crisis and rising anti-Semitism. On the other hand,
Israel is enjoying great strides in economic growth and prosperity, as
well as providing a sense of personal security increasingly lacking in
Europe. These factors combined are leading many to choose Israel as
their new home.
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Netanyahu accepted negotiations based on ’67 with swaps, without
saying so <>
David Horowitz the Editor of Times of Israel told the PM “Lead,
Netanyahu, Lead” <>
. He took him to severe task for releasing murderers and wrote:
It is frankly impossible to reconcile the clear thinking of Netanyahu
1995 with the muddled leadership of Netanyahu 2013 who, rather than
facilitate peace talks by the simple and reversible expedient of
freezing settlement expansion and acknowledging the indisputable fact
that Israel is negotiating on the basis of the pre-1967 lines, as
Mahmoud Abbas had demanded, chose to capitulate to the least palatable
of Abbas’s preconditions: releasing pre-Oslo era Palestinian terror
convicts. The four-phased deal to free some of the most evil killers
was a terrible mistake from the start — and not only with the
benefit of hindsight,
 with the peace process in tatters because Israel balked at the final
hurdle, refusing to release Israeli-Arabs without at least Abbas’s
confirmation that he’d deign to keep on talking past April.
As I have written in the past, Netanyahu is negotiating without
preconditions, in name only, but in reality has accepted negotiations
based on ’67 with swaps.
Nice to see such a prominent journalist agree with me.
‘The Temple Mount Has Been Occupied By Hamas’
By Hezki Ezra, INN
MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) slammed the latest rioting incident on the
Temple Mount Wednesday, calling Israel’s control over Judaism’s
holiest site a “failure.”
“Over the last five days, the Temple Mount has not been occupied by
the Jordanian army
, but by a division of Hamas,” Feiglin said.
“The failure of the police to control events the Temple Mount is, in
fact, the failure of political leadership in keeping the heart of
Jerusalem .”
“Continuing to drag our feet  will result in history
remembering the Israeli government and its leader as having abandoned
the Temple Mount to the Hamas regime,” he added.
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European Jewry is Doing What Hitler Couldn’t
In Europe’s streets, fear and persecution are turning the Jews into
ghosts without yarmulkes and the sounds of Hebrew. In Europe’s
houses, Jews are opting for cultural and religious suicide.
Giulio Meotti, INN
The latest numbers on Europe’s Jews are Adolf Hitler’s dream
coming true.
According to a Rabbinical Center of Europe’s research, over 85% of
European Jews assimilate and intermarry with non-Jews, 80% do not
attend synagogues, 75% of Jewish children in Europe do not receive a
Jewish education, and over 90% of European Jewish students have no
connections with the Jewish community. A memory, a community, a
tradition, a liturgy, a history, a faith, a patrimony are all
perishing as a result.
This is a most impressive report on the status of Europe’s Jews.
Rabbi Shimon Elitov, a member of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate Council,
rightly said that “assimilation in the shocking numbers that we see
is worse that the physical Holocaust that we saw”.
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Donetsk leaflet: Jews must register or face deportation
Fear replaced communal atmosphere in Donetsk’s Jewish community as
armed men handed out a leaflet Passover eve calling on Jews register
their religion and property with the interim pro-Russian government or
face deportation and loss of citizenship.
Michal Margalit, YNET NEWS
A leaflet distributed in Donetsk, Ukraine calling for all Jews over 16
years old to register as Jews marred the Jewish community’s Passover
festivities Monday (Passover eve), replacing them with feelings of
The leaflet demanded the city’s Jews supply a detailed list of all
the property they own, or else have their citizenship revoked, face
deportation and see their assets confiscated.
Donetsk, a Ukraine province with 4.3 million people – 10 percent of
Ukraine’s population – and 17,000 Jews, is home to much of the
country’s heavy industry, and is thus the biggest prize of the
eastern regions where pro-Russian separatists have captured government
buildings in the past week.
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Ukrainian armed operation in the East founders with troop defections
to pro-Russian militias <>
DEBKAfile Special Report
The US and Russia, while trading the blame for pushing Ukraine to the
brink of civil war, are nonetheless tugging at the leashes of the two
players in the field, each jockeying for advantage in the
quadrilateral meeting of senior US, Russian, European, Ukrainian and
UN officials scheduled to take place in Geneva Thursday, April 17,
DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report.
The five or six armored personnel carriers which rolled in the
embattled town of Slavyanks with Russian flags Wednesday, April 16,
turned out to be part of the Ukrainian military operation whose crews
instead of cracking down on the pro-Russian militias joined them.
According to some Western intelligence sources, a large number of
regular Russian soldiers have crossed the border into Ukraine and they
too are boosting the pro-Russian militias’ ranks. The Kiev
government’s “anti-terror” operation in East Ukraine is
accordingly breaking up.
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