Monday, May 05, 2014

Algerian "expert" warns that Jewish pilgrims to Tunisia are really spies

Elder of Ziyon

Algerian newspaper El Bilad is alarmed at the annual influx of Jews on pilgrimage to the synagogue in Djerba, Tunisia. It claims that many of the pilgrims are in reality Israeli spies intent on fomenting problems in the Arab world, and who were responsible for the "Arab spring."

The paper quotes "an expert in security affairs," Bin Omer bin Janneh, as saying that Algeria has the means to detect the Zionist schemes, either through their embassies or through their intelligence, which has allowed them to frustrate Zionist schemes in the past. He said that "the Zionist entity" is known to be looking for opportunities to hit the stability of Algeria, and is still waiting for the opportunity to prejudice the security of Algeria, which represents the state most firmly supportive of the Palestinian cause and against Jewish settlement "in all its forms."

He added that Tunisia has the absolute freedom on their territory, but they must take wary of any attempts against its stability, especially with the emergence of jihadi groups, and movements that recruit young Tunisian to fight. Presumably, he is claiming that these jihadi groups are Zionist.

While the government of Tunisia has been very supportive of the pilgrimage in an attempt to jump-start its tourism sector, there has been opposition there are well.


Anger as Jordan removes antisemitic book from school curriculum

Assabeel reports that Jordan's Ministry of Education decided to withdraw an antisemitic book from the school curriculum and school libraries and schools.

The book's name is "The Jews: No Covenants and No Treaties," which appears to push the Islamic claim that Jews cannot be trusted to keep their word.

A member of the teachers union and former MP Basel Al-Harub criticized the withdrawal of the Jew-hating book. He told the newspaper that that the the book reveals the truth about the Jews, and exposes how the Jews forge treaties and covenants, and its being dropped will result in current schoolchildren being unaware of "the true face of the enemy occupiers. " He added that "discussion about the Jews is not inconsistent with the philosophy of the Ministry of Education." He points out that the third article of the Law on Education stresses "intellectual adherence to the Arab identity of Palestine and all parts usurped the Arab world and work to recover [the lands.]"

Presumably he is not referring only to lands Israel controlled since 1967.

At the FB page of the Jordan Teachers Association a number of teachers are complaining about this. One says that normalization and coexistence with the Jews is "this is contrary to religion and the Koran."

I am not aware if this decision was prompted by any Israeli or Jewish complaints about the book.

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