Sunday, May 18, 2014

COP: White Privilege Industrial Complex exposed

These people teach the teachers who teach your children. We have focused for years on the White Privilege industrial complex, in which hundreds of people make a living promoting, sustaining and preaching “white privilege” as an overarching perspective on American society:
Now a new website, Progressives Today, has exposed just how bad it is.
The White Privilege conference in Madison, WI, was videotaped and will be rolled out (including on the Kelly File tonight):
These people are not like the civil rights activists of the 1950s and 60s. In those days activists criticized America because the benefits of democracy, personal liberty and free enterprise did not extend to minorities, particularly black Americans. They fought for inclusion into the great American system, so that all citizens could have a shot at the American dream.
But today’s White Privilege crowd – largely elitist college professors and K-12 teachers – reject the idea of making the American system work for everyone.
Their goal is to trash the system altogether, specifically targeting free enterprise, individualism, Christianity and free speech. Their goal is to remake America with some form of collectivist economy, and presumably some form of totalitarian government that could impose and maintain such a system.
They’re pursuing that goal by enlisting thousands of teachers from across the nation to push their ideas on naïve K-12 students. Read more HERE

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