Thursday, May 22, 2014

Did CNN falsify or misrepresent video?‏

Itamar Marcus

I watched the CNN video a few times and many things don’t make sense.
1- Times:
Soldier shoots
2:09 focus on group carrying him away already. We don’t see him lifted from the ground.
Time elapsed: 6 seconds or less from time soldier fired until man already is in the air being carried.
:29 secs the person starts to fall
:34 secs the first people reach him
:37 secs he is picked up
Time elapsed: 8 secs from time of shot until he is first picked up.
Which is impossible. In CNN at 6 secs he is in the air and already moving. In security camera at 8 secs he is first picked up. It means that the video was altered or he was shot by someone else a few seconds before the soldier fired a shot.
But the more logical conclusion from the two tapes is that the CNN video was of a different event.
2. Freeze the two videos at that same moment 6 – 8 secs from the beginning and you see that the background and setting is vey different. From the CNN angle at time 2:09– 6 secs after the “shot” - we see clearly that the group holding the body is already beyond the end of the building. We see trees and then a second building. IN the security camera even at :39 a full 10 secs after he falls it is clear that they have not passed the end of the building.

3. More  – at 8 secs after the shooting in the security camera the group holding the person is in the sun next to a very distinct continuous shadow of the building.    
In the CNN video also at the same 6-8 secs there is no shadow near the group.
4. In the CNN video at 8 secs they are about 10 meters passed a garbage can.
In the security camera video there is no garbage can there – but there is one about 30- 50 meters back (had to estimate distance). Note also that the garbage can is in the sun in a place where there is no continuous shadow..
Most logical conclusion is that the shooting documented by CNN was not the one documented on the security camera. It was a shooting and injuring with a rubber bullet as was army policy, and it happened about 30 -50 meters away form where the security camera was filming.

Comment: Much more to be learned-it is obvious to most that this is a conspiratory video and story, aided and abetted by a media that plays to its own agenda-an agenda that demonizes anything Israel.

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