Tuesday, May 06, 2014

End the War on Racism

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game OneWe’ve all but given up on the War on Drugs and the War on Terror has been scaled down to a few drones occasionally taking out a gang of Jihadis in Pakistan or Yemen.

Even the original kind of non-metaphorical war has been slashed to the bone with the military barely having enough metal left to scare off a flock of crows.

But the War on Racism has never ended. And it will never end.

The left has claimed that the War on Terror and the War on Drugs and even every real war were pretexts by the military-industrial complex, the prison industry and all the other industries to seize power by manufacturing a crisis.

But they are the ones who maintain a state of racial emergency long after the crisis has passed.
According to them, terrorism and crime are imaginary crises. Racism is the real threat. We have been fighting the War on Racism for over a century and even though the United States is less racist and more tolerant than most of the world, including Latin America, Asia and Africa, they are determined to keep the war going.

The Sterling case is only the latest production of racial outrage theater in which a minor incident that usually involves someone privately or semi-privately expressing a politically incorrect opinion that most people disagree with, but that they have the right to express, is blown up into a crisis with non-stop media coverage, political pressure and a ritual beheading.

These cases are not about punishing the powerful. Donald Sterling might be a wealthy and powerful man, but Justine Sacco wasn’t. The purges are opportunistic. Sterling dodged a racial bullet for years until his private conversation was taped and publicized. The next Sterling or Sacco might be anyone.
And that’s the larger message. It’s not about tolerance; it’s about a wave of political terror.
The War on Racism has deprived Americans of more civil rights than any military conflict. Whatever crisis in race relations once existed has gone away. Slavery was abolished. Segregation was outlawed. Discrimination is easy to litigate.

Individuals will go on being only human and privately holding racist views, but it’s not the job of government to relentlessly purge thoughtcrimes. At least it’s not the job of our government.
A privatized Oceania with a crowdsourced Ministry of Truth pursuing violators across social media is in its own way every bit as putrid. Denunciations and purges polarize a society, destroy dissent and invariably lead to tyranny because witch hunters have a vested interest in manufacturing witches.
A nation run by witch hunters will always keep finding more old women to burn at the stake and a society dominated by social justice warriors will always find ways to aggravate racial tensions.
Like the good people of Salem, we have allowed bitter and unhinged demagogues to bully us into empowering them. Our good intentions, our aspirations for a tolerant and post-racial society, have been exploited to drag us into an endless war that we never wanted.
In the name of good, we have empowered evil. And we cannot accomplish good ends through evil means. We cannot end racial hatred through more racial hatred. We cannot fight racial discrimination through more racial discrimination. We can’t protect civil rights by violating civil rights.
And we cannot learn to love each other by spreading hate.
A paranoid society perpetually at war with itself has no future. Healthy societies debate issues. They don’t destroy people who disagree with them. And they don’t reward demagogues who spend all their time calling for the heads of their enemies on social media and MSNBC.
This isn’t about racism. It’s about the kind of society we want.
Do we want a liberal society, in the original sense, that is tolerant because it allows for a range of views, or do we want a fascist society that claims to be both liberal and tolerant while maintaining the atmosphere of France’s Reign of Terror and Salem’s witch trials?
The War on Racism has had its good days, but those days are long gone. Instead the War on Racism generates most of the racism around us.
The stories about racism that crowd into our eyes and ears are manufactured outrages aimed at individuals. These are not stories about the problems that black people face, but a political civil war between mostly white elites who use the suffering of black people as weapons.
The racial grievance industry perpetuates racism for the sake of power. It manufactures racism, distributes racism and then demands racial remedies for the problems that it creates. Racism has become a false flag operation that is being kept going by the social justice warriors who claim to be fighting it tooth and nail.
The mandate of the grievance industry isn’t healing, it’s outrage. It is open about seeking a perpetual state of racial conflict.
Operating under radical left wing views that would have disgusted the civil rights leaders of the past, they insist that racism is a collective racial crime, that white people are racist by birth, that black people are incapable of racism and that a racist society cannot be healed, only destroyed.
If they can’t find actual racism, they seek out “micro-aggressions” expanding the scope of things that they take offense at to perpetuate their political privilege.
This amounts to a justification for perpetual war and unlimited power.
Do we need an endless War on Racism that violates our civil rights and promotes the very thing that it claims to be fighting against? Is racism today such a grave threat that we should accept the endless militarization of our society?
The Supreme Court over the decades has stepped down the legal basis for the War on Racism concluding that race is no longer a major crisis that justifies the violation of civil rights. But the race warriors ignore the progress that has been made and demand even more extreme measures that were not even contemplated when fighting against actual segregation.
Having been thwarted at the legal level, they are launching social attacks or ignoring the law. Under Holder, the Department of Justice has begun making and enforcing its own laws without regard to the judiciary. This state of authoritarian lawlessness has fascist overtones and it’s a sign of worse things to come.
Instead of escalating the War on Racism, it’s time to end it.
The War on Racism has gone on too long. So long that like all wars it has become self-perpetuating. The strategies of the War on Racism do not serve reconciliation or healing. They do not teach us to live with one another.  Like all wars, they teach only conflict.
Obama’s election was supposed to promote racial healing. Instead he and his cronies chose to use it to further racial divides for their own power. And that is the final lesson of the War on Racism.
A post-racial society can never emerge under the leadership of men and women whose power comes from the exploitation of racism. If we are going to move beyond racism, it will not be through rewarding those who profit from racial conflict.
Once we step out of their shadow, we can begin tackling the problems of black communities instead of using them as weapons against each other. We can deal with black unemployment and the black family. We can deal with the real problems that are keeping people down.
Peace in the War on Racism begins with letting go of anger. It ends when we stop giving power to those who divide us with their pursuit of racial warfare in the name of grievance, outrage, anger, power and profit. Racism will only end when the War on Racism does.

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