Thursday, May 01, 2014

Finally: Florida Senate Approves Bill Banning Foreign Law

via Senate Approves Prohibition On Foreign Law In Court « CBS Miami.
TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/News Service of Florida) – Foreign laws would be prohibited in Florida courts, under a bill the Senate sent to the House on Monday.
The Senate voted 24-14 to approve the proposal (SB 386) by Umatilla Republican Alan Hays, who has pushed various versions of the measure the past couple of years.
The current bill codifies existing law, declaring that any attempt to apply the law of a foreign country is void if it breaches the policy of Florida.
The proposal is more defined than last year’s effort, which got House support but failed to advance in the Senate.
The House companion (HB 903) has reached the floor but has yet to be scheduled as lawmakers are in the final week of the regular session.

Hays said the bill will do nothing to impede international trade, a prior concern of business groups, and won’t cast a negative message upon anyone from another country.
“For those people who want to come to America we welcome them, but when you come to America you’re going to be governed on American laws and when you come to Florida you’re going to be governed on Florida laws,” Hays said. “We dare not apologize for that, folks. This is a very good bill. It’s an all American bill.”
But the bill has been criticized as anti-Muslim and targeted at Sharia religious law followed in some Islamic countries.
Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, said she opposed the bill because foreign laws have never been implemented in Florida courts or any other state.
Florida’s elected officials are uninformed or more likely, lying as this bill has been introduced several years in a row. Shariah Cases By State including four in Florida. Not a single Democrat voted for the bill.
Sen. Geraldine Thompson, D-Orlando, added that the bill appears neutral but the perception is that it targets certain religious groups in Florida.
“There are individuals who feel this bill targets them,” Thompson said. “It has caused unnecessary polarization.”
The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations sent letters to Republican lawmakers on April 7 asking them to reject the bill they claim is intended to “marginalize” American Muslim and other minority communities.
“If you remain silent while party organizations invite Islamophobic speakers and GOP legislators support bills driven by anti-Muslim bias, your party risks alienating one of the fastest growing groups of American voters,” CAIR-FL’s Chief Executive Director Hassan Shibly wrote. “Florida now has 150,000 registered Muslim voters. The GOP cannot afford to continue to alienate a minority growing in influence, especially in a key swing state such as Florida.”
Terror-linked CAIR is silent when Muslim women in Florida are killed by their husbands and law enforcement covers it up.
The bill doesn’t mention Sharia or any other specific foreign law, which Senate staff believes strengthens the measure against legal challenges.
“As religion is not mentioned at all, the court will deem it facially neutral,” the staff review said. “A court will then apply the Lemon test (a legal test), and likely find both a secular government purpose and that the law does not facilitate excessive governmental entanglement with religion. Because of this, a court will likely uphold the law from a First Amendment challenge.”
How sad it is and how far America has fallen when a bill to ban sharia law has to be disguised as a ban on “foreign” law. That such a bill is even needed is evidence enough that we are already under the thumb of Islamic thugs and the cowards afraid to do what they were elected to do.

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Hans said...

All fourteen of the Demco senator voted against the bill.

They are all Internationalists and not American Patriots.