Thursday, May 01, 2014

Has the 'Occupation' Caused Syrian Men to Beat Wives?

83 per cent of Syrian women reported they are victims of violence inflicted on them by their parents, while 72 per cent cited their husbands and 56 per cent their brothers.

In countless papers, including presumed studies published in the British medical journal, The Lancet, Israel has been accused of causing Arab men to beat Arab women because of the so-called Israeli “occupation.” 
Books, speeches, and lectures by Jew-hating anti-Zionists have made similar charges. Arab leaders have trotted out Blood Libels such as Israelis are causing sterility among Arab men and women by infecting their drinking water, etc.
Here is a corrective, just in.
Accordiong to Khetam Malkawai, in today’s Jordan Times, “almost 88.9 per cent of Syrian women refugees who visited (18) counselling centers in Jordan are victims of violence.”
As someone who is studying honor-based violence and honor killing, I found that the following statistics, gathered by the Arab Women's Organization, confirm my anecdotal and interview-obtained information. In terms of domestic violence, “83 per cent of the Syrian women reported they are victims of violence inflicted on them by their parents, while  72 per cent cited their husbands and 56 per cent their brothers.”

Daughter-beating and sister-beating is not common in the West, nor are beating and patrolling by brothers. While domestic violence does exist in the West, (and therefore in Israel too), I doubt it is as high as 72 per cent. However, domestic violence, often of a horrifying and nature, is still normalized among Arabs while it is now considered a crime in the West and is increasingly prosecuted.
Another study which focused on Syrian refugee status, confirmed that Syrian girls, like many other Arab and Muslim girls globally, with “51.3 per cent (females) married before they are 18 (before their arrival in Jordan).” According to this second report, 44 per cent of (Syrian) respondents “identified the normal age of marriage for girls at between 15 and 17 years.”
As long as young Arab and Muslim girls are normatively beaten by their parents and brothers; forcibly veiled, secluded, and monitored; forced into marriage at young ages, often to their first or second cousins; not allowed to obtain an education and a profession, and prevented from becoming independent—just so long will Arab civilization remain stagnant.
If the “parental” and “brotherly” violence also includes sexual violence, their victims will suffer life-long post-traumatic stress symptoms which will turn them into permanently passive and helpless victims who suffer from anxiety, depression, paranoia, and rage that can only be expressed towards themselves, other women—and towards infidels, especially Israeli Jewish infidels.
I watched the video of the haredi children who ascended the Temple Mount on the last day of Pesach. I noted how angry, menacing, and loud the Arab women were towards very small Jewish children. They shook their fists, screamed, and advanced aggressively. So much for the greater compassion of women I thought. Actually, I was not surprised since so many Muslim female suicide bombers show no compunction about blowing up other Muslim women and Muslim children on their way to some diabolic Paradise.
As long as Arab and Muslim women are kept in familial and tribal chains, there will be no peace in the Middle East and no true acceptance of Jewish Israel.

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