Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Israel, a Case of an Abused Wife Syndrome

Nurit Greenger
The Israeli way of negotiating is embedded in a mentality that was brought to Israel from the European Diaspora. This is the battered wife syndrome method that Israeli governments have used and are still using. This is Shimon Peres' negotiation, or lack of, method.
Also Israelis do not understand the merit of freedom of speech and democracy. At Haifa University they planned a lecture by convicted Hezbollah terrorist Mohammed Canaana. The lecture was canceled for the fear of unrest on campus. (
It is about always blaming the battered wife – the state of Israel and since the battered wife, Israel, always feels guilty, she is always apologizing and giving up, always leaves the door open for people to want more of her. What they want is always at an inflated price for bad or defective merchandise.

The battered wife has been suffering the beatings for many years, yet she never draws the right conclusions, she does not draw the line.
The battered wife, the State of Israel, believes that the more she should give up and withdraw from, the more she will earn in return.  Totally wrong! Because the reality is that the more the battered wife gives up to the Arabs the more the hatred and the beating, are like an emerging fountainhead.
At first, in 1988, those were youths who threw stones; now the Arabs are throwing rocks, Molotov cocktail bottles and shooting Fajr missiles that are threatening Tel-Aviv.
The "Thanks" goes to Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak and all those who negotiate with the Arabs as a battered wife.
Israelis must start reciting to themselves, day after day, that the state of Israel is not a battered wife and Israel is no more a battered nation!
The boundaries of Democracy and Freedom of Speech
Why do Israelis try so hard to be holier than the Pope? What is in their gens that make them smart in science but so backwards in civics? When democracy or freedom of speech is taken to an extreme and out of context it becomes a state of destruction or anarchy.  Would they allow Hitler, Dr. Mangle, Mussolini or Osama Bin Laden to speak at Haifa and Tel-Aviv universities?
Haifa student union believes "in freedom of speech and that everyone has the right to express his opinion" even if the one who expresses his/her opinion sold their country to the enemy or the one who murdered your wife or mother?
I come to the conclusion that Israelis do not know what democracy or freedom of speech mean and when their boundaries must end.
Israelis must start reciting to themselves, day after day, that the state of Israel is a free democracy but freedom does not mean it has no boundaries.

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