Thursday, May 22, 2014

Israeli forces accused of executing 2 Palestinan youths‏

Nidra Poller

Al Dura all over again? A Palestinian NGO releases a video purporting to show two Palestinian “youths” executed in cold blood by Israeli forces. One is allegedly shot in the back. Unarmed, innocent, minding their own business, they are knocked down like clay figures in a shooting gallery. Pam! Pam! They’re dead, one after the other, in quick succession. Heartless cruelty. 

The video circles the globe in an astronomical flash. The raw information is picked up and transmitted by gullible Western media. The UN and the US are demanding an investigation. But the story is looking like a flash in the pan. Has the al Dura effect lost its magical powers? Israeli authorities have learned some lessons. The Times of Israel reports that an anonymous government official thinks the film has been doctored. He makes a comparison with the al Dura hoax. We discover, among other telling details, that the two scenes are not consecutive, they were shot at an interval of one hour. Nearly identical staging, except that one is played out in the sunlight and the other in the shadows. The cast of characters, the choreography, and the rhythm are strikingly similar. My expert counted eight photographers in the crowd that rushed to surround the fallen man, mindless of any danger that could come from the direction of the “fatal” shots. Where are the gory close-ups captured by the 8 photographers who happened to be waiting in the wings? 

Al Dura all over again? Like the original al Dura broadcast, the video is introduced-with a “graphic content” warning but there is no graphic content to be seen. The reliable witness testifies that the victims were unarmed and unthreatening. He says the incident occurred at 3 or 3:30 PM.  He heard four shots, saw two victims felled: Nadeen Siam Nawara, 17, shot in the chest, and Mohammad Mahmoud Odeh, 16, shot in the back. But the clearly visible time line on the footage shows that the “incidents” occurred at 13:38 and 14:58 respectively.    

Elsewhere, an IDF video of the violent Naqba attacks that actually occurred that day in that place can be compared  to incidents at Netzarim Junction on September 30, 2000.  Israeli soldiers in the outpost attacked with firebombs, burning tires, and rocks fired rare salvoes of rubber-coated bullets (armed Palestinian men mingled with the aggressive youths). Then, we are supposed to believe, these same soldiers unleashed a firestorm, 45 minutes of merciless shooting at an unarmed man and his son, Mohamed al Dura. Two zones of action can be traced at Netzarim Junction that day: a reality zone, where Israeli soldiers are attacked, a theatrical zone, out of the line of fire, where fake battle scenes are staged and the “wounded” are evacuated by ever-ready ambulances that carry them, surrounded by boisterous crowds, right into firing range of the Israeli position.

Will this pale al Dura imitation fade away?  Learn about the tireless efforts of demythifiers to  expose the original al Dura hoax and defuse further blood libels, discover the most extensive analysis of the al Dura “lethal narrative,” consult the only source of complete information;
Al Dura: Long Range Ballistic Myth by Nidra Poller.


Al Dura: long range ballistic myth
Al Dura: long range ballistic myth by Nidra Poller (Paperback - April 26, 2014)
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Al Dura: long range ballistic myth

5.0 out of 5 stars The Authoritative Text Concerning the Al Dura Lie, April 28, 2014
This review is from: Al Dura: long range ballistic myth (Paperback)
Poller shows exceptional skill in analyzing THE biggest lie the Palestinians have told the world through the manipulation of the media. Her knowledge and exceedingly lucid analysis of all of the facts on the ground demonstrate how easy it is to create an identification with the aggressor through playing on the heart strings of those who can't recognize and own their own self hatred and rage. I am in awe of her acumen. This should be required reading for all those most especially those who deal with media and the Middle East. Hers is a voice which must be heard. As someone who did a theory of imagery for the Islamic suicide attack, the central figure of major manipulation is the maternal cameo but here it is allegedly father and son. The perversity of creating mass hysteria around this central image reveals the depravity of those who lie. They do so because they have no capacity to own their own aberrant bullying behavior. I haven't come across a book like this in years. It is a must read.

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