Monday, June 02, 2014

Exodus and the State of Israel commonality

Nurit Greenger 
While enslaved in Egypt, the Israelites were just slaves; they were nobody, at the command of Pharaoh.
Exodus, the departure from Egypt, validated the Israelites; it lifted their heads and made them someone from the nothing they were. More so, they were picked by G-D to be his chosen.
G-D had a plan; He was going to make the Israelites a nation, the first nation to believe in a monotheistic G-d.
Receiving the Ten Commandment, directly from G-d, was one other bonus the Israelites received. At that moment they became the legal owners of the first set of human rights rules, which they gave to the world to follow.
The Jews went on to establish their first and second commonwealth. The epic of the first and second Jewish commonwealth ended with the destruction of the Second Temple by Rome and the exile and dispersing of the Jews from the land of Judea to the four corners of the world.

Once again the Jews became invalid, marginalized, a minority living under the rule and mercy, or lack of, of other nations. That kind of existence has given birth to a disastrous genetic disease named anti-Semitism.
For 2000 years, much longer than their enslavement period in Egypt, Jews lives under the self-created law of shush-shtil, we keep quiet, we do not shake the establishment and leave us alone and just let us live.
But anti-Semitism has no healing and it erupted beyond any human being comprehension when Hitler, single handed tried, and almost succeeded, to rid the world of all Jews.
The establishment of the state of Israel is the Israelites-the Jews’ second Exodus, this time from the four corners of the world diaspora to the land of Israel.
Gaining sovereignty, being able to defend themselves, has, once again, validated the Jewish People; from nobodies in Europe, where most Jews lived till the 1940’s, they are on their way to be a leading nation in the world.
In her 66 years of existence, the state of Israel has already left its foot print on the world, just as the Israelites left their foot print on the world at Mount Sinai.
So the state of Israel is now a permanent feature on world’s stage. We must make sure that there will never be a third Exodus as it is not obtainable.

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