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Hamas Calls on Palestinians to Obstruct the IDF Search for the Kidnapped Teens

On Thursday evening , shortly after 10 p.m. 3 Israeli boys left their school together hoping to get home.  They never made it because, as many have heard, they were kidnapped.

As often happens here, hitching a ride is one way of getting around;  often when one is at the 'trempiada' (the station where one gets a 'tremp' - a hitch) drivers who see someone from their community stop to pick up their neighbors. 

In some cases, terrorists dress up as religious men - with a kippah (yarmulkeh) or fringes - in order to lure victims into their cars.  There is no safety in numbers, as we can see, and the 3 young students - 2 of them 16 years of age and one 19 - got into a car whose driver had evil plans.  One of the boys managed to alert authorities on his cellphone before contact was lost.  A burned out car, apparently used in the abduction, was found and it is assumed that the 3 were transferred to another vehicle. 
Since Thurs. evening the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has been conducting a mass search and taken some into custody.  As yet there is no news and we wait and pray that the 3 will be returned safely to their immediate families and to us; they are all our children.
As we know, just a few days ago, the PA Unity government which includes the terrorist group, Hamas, was recognized by President Obama who has said in the past that he would not deal with terrorists and that the US 'has Israel's back'.  Accepting a government whose goal it is to destroy Israel is not reconcilable with caring about Israel's security; thus, the President has added two more lies to his long list.  He has said for a long time that he would establish a Palestinian state and this advance notice has meant that Israel's enemies could take it for granted - without cooperation.
We must remember, too, that Sec'y of State Kerry who shuttled back and forth several times for many months, threatened Israel should she not agree to his demands in the 'peace process'.  His warnings to Israel included renewed terrorism by the enemy and further international isolation.  No such warnings were given the terrorist regime of Abbas who could only interpret Kerry's words to Israel as an invitation to new attacks. 
If Abbas is, indeed, the head of the Unity government, it is he who is culpable for the kidnappings.  Israeli news programs have been showing photos of the cheering Arabs in Hebron and Gaza as they hand out sweets in celebration of the abductions.  This, too, was their reaction to the WTC bombings on 9/11/01 and whenever tragedy has occurred to the US as well as Israel. 
It is time for all Americans to understand that the enmity of the radical Islamic countries of the Middle East is not reserved just for Israel.  Their ideology is incompatible with Western civilization and their goal is the destruction of the West and the creation of a worldwide caliphate with sharia law for all.  Israel, a western democracy, is in the way.  Europe has already undergone a perceptible change and there are already elements in the US.  Many do not want to hear this; some do not believe it.  We hear it and believe it because we have heard it directly from them and we are experiencing it. 
Tonight, Israel speaks with one voice; politics are forgotten as we stand united with the hope that we will soon hear good news - the safe return of our boys -
Yaacov Naftali ben Rachel Devora, Gilad Michoael ben Batgalim, and Ayal ben Iris Teshua
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
The following article has additional information.
in beloved Jerusalem



Hamas Calls on Palestinians to Obstruct the IDF Search for the Kidnapped Teens

Follow Virtual Jerusalem  Three students, two of them from the Makor Chaim Yeshiva in the religious kibbutz Kfar Etzion went missing Thursday night in what officials say was likely a kidnapping by terrorists.

All communication was lost with them as they were on their way home from the yeshiva, located in Gush Etzion, roughly between Jerusalem and Hevron in Judea; security sources suspect they were taken into a vehicle driven by terrorists that stopped for them as they waited at a popular hitchhiking spot.

The story has been under a media embargo until now, given the sensitive nature of the incident and the danger posed to the three. Several false reports concerning the event were circulated in its initial aftermath, but these are the initial details of the incident that have been permitted for publication as of now.

Massive IDF and police forces have been searching in the hours since the suspected kidnapping to try and locate the three young students, one of whom is a joint Israeli-American citizen.

An IDF Spokesperson Unit statement noted that the IDF Chief of Staff has put all active units on full readiness to take action based on intelligence information.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called an emergency meeting with security officials at the IDF's Tel Aviv headquarters; earlier the PM met in Jerusalem with the Defense Minister and Internal Security Minister over the crisis.

Netanyahu's office held the Palestinian Authority leadership responsible for the boys' disappearance.

"Israel holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for the well being of the 3 missing Israeli teens," the PM's spokesman Ofir Gendelman wrote on Twitter.

Hamas asks Palestinians to help hide the kidnapped yeshiva students from the IDF

Call for prayers

Friends of the missing students called on the public to pray for the safe rescue of the three youths.

In the last few minutes the Chief Rabbis of Israel issued a joint statement calling on members of the public to recite psalm 121 and pray for the safety of the boys. The rabbinate also called on all Jewish women make sure to light Shabbat candles and say prayers in merit of the missing youths.

A statement released on behalf of one of the boys' family emphasized that he Arab Ma'an News Agency cited local Arab sources on Friday, saying IDF forces were searching the town of Dura to the southwest of Hevron.

Palestinian media released footage of a burned-out car and IDF forces conducting searches, apparently in the aftermath of the kidnap and search.

Meanwhile, in the last few minutes Hamas spokesman Hassan Badran broke the Islamist terrorist group's silence on the episode, and openly called on Arabs in Judea and Samaria to obstruct the Israeli effort to find the boys, who he referred to as "Israeli soldiers", despite the fact that they were unarmed teenage students.

Hamas asks Palestinians to help hide the kidnapped yeshiva students from the IDF

Hamas asks Palestinians to help hide the kidnapped yeshiva students from the IDF

Hamas asks Palestinians to help hide the kidnapped yeshiva students from the IDF

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