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Iran and Iraq, and American Folly

WWIII By James E. Horn
Retired U.S. Diplomat
Author:  EXPERIENCING ISLAM [Censored by the CIA, Banned by Librarians]

Is the USA prepared for an unmitigated disaster that may take out thousands of American lives?  Soon?


Western powers have not fared well in dealing with Islam.  The British were handed their royal backsides in a basket after nearly two hundred years in Afghanistan/Pakistan and departed with their tails between their legs.

The Russians and Eastern Europeans have done better.  The Austrians and Poles stopped the Turks and saved Europe 200 years ago.  Russia has been a bulwark resisting Islam in the Caucasus for centuries.

When the Russians went into Afghanistan forty years ago, they had a good chance of success until the myopic progressives and reactionary conservatives of the west, led by Jimmy Carter, stepped in to help our mortal enemy against the RussiansIn disgust, the Russians bailed and left a void soon filled by America’s creation, Al Qaeda and the Taliban.  In repayment for the billions spent in nurturing Al Qaeda and the Taliban, the World Trade Center was wiped out, and embassies have been attacked and bombed with impunity.

With billions invested in working to civilize Iran, Jimmy Carter started to seriously dismantle America’s defenses to let the Mohammedans take over Iran, whose surrogate Shiia militia, Hezbollah later murdered 243 Marines in Beirut (Reagan ran away from that fight), and slick Willie let other Islamists humiliate us in SomaliaThe paper tiger became a reality.


The mainstream Islamists of OPEC surged forward in Europe and the United States funneling billions of petrodollars in bribes to successfully take control of greedy western politicians and institutions.  Most of those witless politicians believed they were merely getting cash donations, while a few seditionist traitors just knew they were selling their American people down the drain to oblivion.  Americans included in this list include the Clintons (including aspiring POTUS, Hillary) the Bushes, Chuck Schumer, “Turban” Durbin, and many others; and the self-affirmed Islamist in the White House, Barak Hussein Obama.

These treacherous greedy bastards have clearly accepted bribes and placed anti-American Islamist colonizers in the highest places of American National Security organizations and in institutions all over the country.  Politically, the US leadership is hamstrung with many in the tank for Islamists who are increasingly controlling us as they attack our Constitution from all flanks.


“What difference does it make?” bellowed Hillary Clinton regarding the four dead at Benghazi, a terrorist action directed at an American diplomatic mission that happened nearly two years ago with no appropriate retribution from the USA, a further affirming our inability to hold Islamofascist terrorists accountable.  Neither did Hillary and her fellow obeisant servant to the Saudis, Obama retaliate at the Moslem Brotherhood for their attack on the Embassy in Cairo.  In fact, Obama with Hillary’s connivance paid tribute to Morsi and his Moslem Brotherhood.

Afghanistan and Iraq

Witless George Bush decided to go after the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan, where empires have fallen on their assesIgnorant, Bush went into Iraq to take out a tyrant which led to the installation of a greater evilBush’s adviser on Arabic affairs spoke not a word of Arabic, had never cracked the cover of a Koran, and then advised Bush to declare that Islam is a religion of peace without understanding the duplicitous meaning of that word vis-à-vis Islam.  Bush’s equally ignorant Security Adviser, Condi Rice blissfully played along because she had no idea of what needed to be done.

IRAQ:  Regardless of all pronouncements to the contrary, we did not prevail in Iraq.  Al Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is prevailing over the Iraqi government that we spent hundreds of billions of dollars to set up and to maintain.  It is a foregone conclusion that this will end in a rout – a disaster.  Already, pundits are predicting American military intervention – again.  The Obama administration is gearing up to intervene militarily, but is making promises that there will be no boots on the ground.  Has anyone heard that before?

We have about 5,000 potential hostages in Iraq ripe for capture when things go bad.  Those 5000 Americans are defenseless to a major assault.  Those 5,000 hostages will become the human shields that the Iranians in Iraq will use to compel Obama to re-enter the war against the Sunni factions; and to keep America neutral regarding Israel.  Further, the Iranians could dictate to Obama that he should engage Israel on the Iranian’s behalf.  Those are very real situational scenarios that no American leaders even dare discuss.

Barak Obama knows and understands this and nothing is being done to protect those 5,000 from the absolute barbarity that will befall them.  Will Hillary again exclaim “What difference does it make?” Will the cowardly Secretary of State Kerry stand tall?

AFGHANISTAN:  Barak Obama has screwed America so badly in Afghanistan that it is beyond comprehension.  He has installed inept sycophant generals and senior officers at all levels.  Few have the competence to make independent and effective command decisions other than to duck and cover.  Obama gave the Taliban a calendar of planned events so that they can plan to attack and kill or seize thousands of Americans as hostages for whatever they can get.

Obama so mishandled our relations with the thief, Mohammed Karzai that it is virtually assured that Karzai and his successor will join with the Taliban against the Americans in or before 2016 when the plug that Obama has loosened is pulledHow many Americans is Obama going to sacrifice to his ego and to satisfy his Mohammedan masters lust for blood?  Let’s look at up to ten thousand who could become marooned and cut off (Obama will let this happen if he can), and then, at the hands of the Taliban do the Daniel Pearl gurgle as their throats are slowly sliced.
The Berghdal release was just a cover to release five of the nastiest animals on earth from GITMO.  Obama sent a clear signal to the Taliban that they will get all of their prisoners back in the same manner by kidnapping and holding American military or civilians.

Shazam!  Obama will have fulfilled his promise to empty GITMO.
Suggestion:  P l a n:

As I have often told others, follow the principle of the seven P’s – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Are our present political and military leaders capable of following the seven P’s in planning for the above possible scenario?

We need prepare to get everyone out of Iraq with real plans to sweep in with massive forces, take control of the Iran-Iraq border to make it too hot for Iranian troops to cross the border, and get our people outThis would be a huge defeat for the America hating Mohammedans, and a vitally important tactical victory for us.  Will Obama do that?

We must immediately move and rapidly consolidate all of our forces in Afghanistan, and proceed to get them out of there nowIf the Pakistanis try to intervene to block us, we can take action by eliminating their nukes, airports, air force, etc., and unleashing every bit of force that we can muster.  Will Obama do that to protect Americans?

We should even consider getting the Russians involved to help us, and I’ll bet that they would, to save us as we did them in WWII.

A pre-emptive move to immediately impeach Obama for incompetence could be a good way to start, to protect Americans and potentially save thousands of lives
If we don’t move to protect ourselves and our interests, we need to think of a new option:  Obeisance to our Moslem masters?


Islam and its cast of over a billion devoted followers of Mohammedism know and understand that they are at war with us and each of them understands the role that they are playing towards achieving victory over us Infidels and Kafirs.

Our myopic American leadership (political, religious, and institutional) is in denial and refuses to acknowledge that we are under daily attack; that Islam has declared and is at war with us.  Willfully ignorant American political cretins are in denial and are thus clueless about what needs to be done.  They need to be removed from their high and holy offices and be replaced by men and women of courage, ethics, and character who have functioning intellectual and critical thinking skills, and are capable of making decisions towards taking the type of action that will preserve civilization.

Islam/Mohammedism has been on the march for 1400 years and has grown from a den of thieves in Medina into an umma of thieving brigands controlling a huge swath of the earth ranging from some Philippine Islands to the shores of Morocco; parts of Asia and Europe, to huge swaths of Africa

The entire world of the Mohammedan umma is one of barbarity, hatred, greed, lust, suffering, misery, poverty, and savagery that remains beyond the comprehension arrogant, self-centered westerners who lack basic cognitive skills, or worse – who refuse to understand what is coming.

The treacherous elitist progressives are floundering and are helping Islam drive civilization to the ash heapThese progressives think that with their utopian socialist dreams that they will create a world of serfs with a few of them at the helm in control of the masses.  Epic fail!  Their throats will be the first to be cut.
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