Sunday, November 25, 2007

Caving in to Arab pressure-what's next? Still not angry-unbelieveable!

Syria 'Likely' to Attend Summit, Golan Heights on the Agenda Gil Ronen and Hana Levi Julian

Syria has apparently changed its position over the weekend and will "almost certainly" send a representative to the Annapolis conference, since the U.S. has clarified that the status of the Golan Heights will be on the agenda. Syrian lawmaker Mohammed Habash made the announcement in an interview on Radio Sawa, an Arabic-language radio station funded by the U.S.

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said he will be attending but added that he will not cooperate with "theatrics such as handshakes with Israeli leaders." Al-Faisal spoke at an Arab League press conference in Cairo following the decision by the organizations' members Friday to send high-level diplomatic representation to the summit.

"I am not hiding the Saudi position," al-Faisal said. "We hesitated until now about participating. Had we not reached a pan-Arab agreement [on the matter], we would not have participated. But we shall not oppose an Arab consensus, and Saudi Arabia will march with its brothers on the path agreed upon."

The Israeli Foreign Ministry expressed satisfaction with the Saudis' decision to participate in the summit and said in a statement to reporters that Israel hopes this is just the beginning, and that Arab involvement in the peace process will grow.

Hamas: 'A great shock'
Hamas spokesman Sami Abu-Zuhari said that the Arab League's announcement was "a great shock for the Palestinians because it opens the door to normalized relations with the occupation [Israel] and will lead to greater escalation and aggression by Palestinians towards Israel."

"The Palestinian nation had been waiting for an Arab consensus that would break the boycott," the terror group's spokesman said, in reference to the economic boycott Israel has adopted toward Gaza. Israel instituted some sanctions against Gaza in light of continued rocket attacks from Gaza on Jewish homes.

Ahmed Yousef, a senior member of the Hamas terror gang, threatened to make the rockets
Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said he will not cooperate with "theatrics such as handshakes with Israeli leaders."
much deadlier by packing them with more explosive ordinance. "We can develop the rockets on short notice in order to create enough terror and fear and cause Israelis to live in pain that is no lesser than that which the Palestinians live in due to the incessant incursions into our cities and villages," he claimed.

Diplomatic sources said that high-level representation of the Arab states at Annapolis was a true achievement for the U.S. administration. U.S. State Department spokesman Karl Duckworth said the Saudis decided to come because they believed that the Annapolis summit is going to be a serious and meaningful meeting.

According to Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, Syria will announce on Sunday whether or not it will attend the summit. Syria is not satisfied with the U.S. assurance that the matter of the Golan Heights will be on the agenda, and wants to know exactly how the subject will be discussed, says the report.

Lebanon, too, will be joining the conference. Lebanon's Culture Minister and acting Foreign Minister, Tarek Mathri, left Lebanon Saturday night for Annapolis, Maryland.

Mathri said Lebanon's participation is based on "the Arab consensus and the Arab peace initiative." He added that he comes to the summit "without illusions," and that Lebanon's participation is intended "to emphasize Lebanon's national rights, the Arabs' rights and the rights of the Palestinian people."

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas told reporters in Cairo he was happy with "the positive position" adopted by the Arab states regarding the summit. Annapolis, he said, "is a historic opportunity that we want to take advantage of, and we hope all of the Arabs go hand in hand and hold discussions not just on the Palestinian matters but also on the Syrian and Lebanese matters."

Abdullah II of Jordan and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke on the phone Saturday. Abdullah reportedly stressed what he saw as the opportunity Annapolis posed for beginning a clear and comprehensive negotiation process that will deal with all aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict and lead to the creation of a Palestinian state.

Comment: This is a willingness to begin negotiations from a position of extreme weakness. This has been the Arab strategy-we told you! The one day conference is photo op only-the "agreements" of the "fire sell of Israel" began weeks ago and will ramp up momentum the day after the conference completes. Look at the schedule-one day, one day only everyone meets in the conference-what do you suppose will happen? This is nothing more than one day when all of the Arab countries will appear united (they are far from it) and they will make statements that Israel "cannot refuse"-this is right out of "The Godfather". The Western countries will jump on board the politically correct rocket and confirm that Israel must make the suggested concessions. Everyone will stand together,"united", for a group photo-it will be said that this is "the opportunity of a lifetime and must NOT be missed or aborted by someone, like Israel. I and many others have recommended immediate action-from the time you read this post, please read the next 5 that follow and take action-thankyou-doc .

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