Sunday, November 25, 2007

What happened to the 14 reservations? I asked this days ago!

Arieh, Eldad

On May 25, 2003, following a stormy debate, the Israeli government accepted President Bush's "Road Map," but attached to it fourteen reservations , which were, as Ariel Sharon described them, "red lines.". my political biography includes any black spot, it is that I was a member of the National Union when it was a member of Sharon's coalition. Even though ministers Ellon and Lieberman voted against the Road Map in the Cabinet, they did not immediately resign when the government adopted this disastrous plan, which includes recognition of a Palestinian State, an end to construction in the settlements , and a dismantling of outposts established after March 2001. Their excuse was the fourteen reservations and conditions that Israel attached to the plan.

The first condition was a complete cessation of the terror, violence, and incitement, and a complete calm for the duration of the execution of the plan. The sixth reservation asserted "an emphasis on the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state." The ninth reservation asserted that "there will be no dealing with matters connected to a final settlement, and among other things settlement in Judea and Samaria, the status of the [Palestinian] Authority and its institutions in Jerusalem or any matter relating essentially to a final solution will not be discussed."

Now, Olmert and Tzippi Livni and Ehud Barak are going to Annapolis to joyously proclaim their recognition of a Palestinian state and a continuation of the Road Map process. Maybe the falling Kassam rockets and the artillery bombardment of Sderot and the Western Negev have deafened my ears and prevented me from hearing the Palestinian declaration of the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. For it cannot be that the government of Israel,which never approved a decision canceling the demands it made in the Reservations of May 2003, is simply ignoring its own red lines. Maybe Abu Mazen mumbled that declaration but because of his well-known weakness his voice was not heard. Maybe because of the gunshots fired by the murderers of Ido Zoldan this week I fail to hear the calm that was a necessary condition for the continuation of the process. Maybe because of the tears that welled in my eyes at his funeral, I was unable to see Olmert's partner, Fatah leader Abu Mazen - from whose ranks came the murderers - combating terror. It is very possible that because of the dust rising above the settlements destroyed by Sharon, and the homes destroyed by Olmert in Amona, I have been unable to see the Palestinian Authority television ending the incitement in its broadcasts, which has included turning Mickey Mouse into a little Islamic martyr trying to die killing Jews. For it cannot be that the government of Israel is simply ignoring the reservations it took upon itself when it accepted the program of national suicide known as the Road Map.

Let it be known: This is the PLO's phased plan for the elimination of Israel in its new, current incarnation. The Arabs are pushing Israel to make far-reaching political concessions, ignoring any Israeli concerns, and afterwards launching a war . Once it was an intifada of stones, once it was the Oslo war that has already brought us 1,500 fatalities, and in the two years since the withdrawal from Gaza, thousands of rockets and shells in Sderot and the Western Negev. They know that the next time Israel sits at a negotiating table, all of its reservations will be forgotten. The Road Map itself no longer interests the Arabs since Israel has already accepted it (and Olmert, in order to survive politically, ignores all the conditions). So now they are demanding to skip the first stage of the Road Map - the war on terror and complete calm on which the continuation is conditioned - and they demand to continue the dismantling of Israel under constant fire.

All the ministers of the government bear responsibility for Olmert's proclamation at Annapolis, just as they will all be responsible for the all the surrenders and retreats and the destruction of communities that have already been discussed by Olmert and Abu Mazen and which will be discussed further after the "success" of the Annapolis conference. Even if cabinet ministers Lieberman and Yishai quit the government at the last moment, they will still be guilty, just as all the ministers who remained in Sharon's Road Map government because of the reservations now bear responsibility for Israel's continuing the Road Map by skipping over the war on terror to which the Palestinians obligated themselves. He who participates in the building of a gallows cannot claim afterwards that it was not he who pulled the lever and let the State of Israel drop to its death.

To conclude with an apology: Based on what I thought I heard on IDF Radio, I last week accused President Peres of saying that 150,000 jobs for Palestinians are more important that 15,000 immigrants to Israel. Peres said ( in Hebrew) "guns" not "immigrants." Maybe my hearing impairment is a result of the silent calm that has been upon us since Peres brought Arafat and his murderers here and gave them guns. In any case, I apologize and thank Idan Kvaller, the IDF Radio reporter who pointed out my error.

Comment: November 5, I asked which version of the Road Map is being used. There was no reply from anyone-thank goodness MK Eldad has been paying attention and is asking the critical question. If you are concerned it is imperative that not only should our Israeli MK's be held accountable (phone calls, faxes, articles etc.) our USA leadership team must be asked immediately "what versionn of the Road Map" is being used as the "guiding light". If everyone reading this piece would simply call,fax or reply to this piece (I would in turn send them to the correct people) we can clarify the position now! Folks, this is crucial-if you have not read or do not remember these reservations please read: .

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