Thursday, November 29, 2007

Only 17% of Israelis See Annapolis as "Success"

A poll commissioned by a leading Israeli newspaper suggests that only 17 percent of the nation sees the Annapolis peace summits as a "success,” while 42% called it a "failure.". The poll was taken on Wednesday, the day after the Maryland conference. The results stand in stark contrast to a poll conducted on the eve of the summit that showed a strong majority of Israelis supporting U.S. President George W. Bush's initiative. A 53% majority of the nation supports the goals of the conference: a two-state solution with resolution of what are termed the "core" issues – Jerusalem, borders and right of return of Palestinian refugees. A poll of Israeli Arabs reveals that an overwhelming majority says that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud 'Abbas lacks the authority to negotiate with Israel on their behalf. The poll was conducted during the Annapolis conference. Eighty-one percent said the P.A. negotiators have no right to make concessions on the status of Jerusalem and almost as many insist that the negotiators have no right to make concessions on the "right of return."


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