Friday, October 30, 2009

Jones at J Street

“Why are you so down on the Obama Administration?” asks a friend.

Here’s an example of why:

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Advancing Israel-Palestinian peace is the “epicenter” of U.S. foreign policy, the White House national security adviser said.

“If there was one problem I could recommend to the president if he could solve one problem, this would be it,” James Jones said Tuesday in Washington during an address to the first conference of J Street, the dovish pro-Israel lobby. Bringing about an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement would create “ripples” around the world, Jones said. “The reverse is not true. This is the epicenter.” Oh really? How about solving the problem of Iran? I bet that almost any Arab leader, speaking candidly, would agree that this is more urgent than peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The Iranian regime is

* Exporting its revolution everywhere possible by means of its Hezbollah proxy
* Preventing a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by supporting Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc.
* Providing arms and support to Syria, which is helping insurgents in Iraq and subverting Lebanon
* Developing nuclear weapons

I agree that Iran would be a hard nut to crack, but guess what — so is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly if nothing is done about Iran. It should be clear that the chain of causality starts in Tehran, not Jerusalem.

Jones is expressing the so-called ‘linkage theory’, the really absurd idea that all the problems of the Mideast would be on the way to solution if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would only end. There’s also the corollary to this that the conflict is entirely Israel’s fault, and the way to solve it is to force Israel to give in to all Arab demands. This is more or less the Saudi point of view, and it isn’t surprising to see James L. Jones pushing it.

After he retired from the marine Corps, Gen. Jones served as president and CEO of the Institute for 21st Century Energy — an industry-funded lobby and PR organization; and in 2008 he joined the board of Directors of the Chevron Corporation, which has large operations in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. He was appointed “security coordinator” for the Bush Administration’s Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, and in 2008 issued a report which was not released, but which purportedly made “Israel look very bad”. He also proposed that security should be guaranteed by NATO troops after an Israeli pullout from Judea and Samaria.

This is the guy who is one of the top advisors to the President on foreign policy, perhaps the most influential!

Guest Comment: Gen. Jim Jones is one of the top National Security Advisers to President Obama on foreign policy, perhaps the most influential!

Let us think together: even the Israeli government acknowledges that J Street is “anti-Israel,” therefore, Michael Oren, Israel’s Ambassador to Washington, declined to participate in J Street conference…by Washington embracing the conference, doesn’t that make Washington anti-Israel also? Doesn’t that make it clear that Washington supports policy that endangers the State of Israel existence?

When it comes to his opinion on Israel, Jones has a tainted record …and he works for the oil producing Arab countries, which makes his opinion on Israel bias!

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