Friday, October 30, 2009

Turkey has made a new bed: Iran

Iran, Turkey Confer on Energy Cooperation
FAR News Agency

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Oil Minister Seyed Masoud Mir-Kazzemi and visiting Turkish Minster of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yildiz explored avenues for further cooperation between Tehran and Ankara in energy fields. "Now, we have reached a point that we can say proper grounds have been prepared for the development of (mutual cooperation in) in energy fields," Mir-Kazzemi said after a closed-door meeting with the Turkish minister at the Iranian Oil Ministry here in Tehran on Wednesday.

Mir-Kazzemi further reiterated that Turkey is striving to enhance energy cooperation with Iran.

"Oil and energy are among the sectors in which Turkey is willing to have cooperation (with Iran)."

He noted that in today's talks, the two sides discussed exports of natural gas, petrochemistry, upper-hand oil industries and development of oil and gas fields.

He announced that Turkey's private sector is also willing to invest in different fields in Iran, including the oil and gas sector.

Earlier on Monday, an Iranian Oil Ministry official said that Turkey is to invest around $3.5 to $4 billion in Iran's South Pars gas field.

"The investment (by Turkey) will be made in phases 6 and 7 of South Pars gas field," Ibrahim Radafzoun deputy Oil Minister for planning told FNA.

He added that Iran and Turkey, during the visit of Turkish Prime Minister to Iran, are to discuss Turkey's investment in the two phases of Iran's South Pars gas field.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his high-ranking delegation arrived in Tehran on Monday night.

Comment: This is more than just about energy. Notice how Turkey has sent out messages to Israel, the EU and the USA regarding its intentions towards these countries and now clearly it is moving toward Iran at a rapid pace. Iran, in a clever move, sees the opportunity to isolate Israel and thus in doing so isolates the sphere of influence by the USA UNLESS the new administration throws Israel under the bus. This entire political process here in the ME reminds me of a recent transaction we had with individuals from a culture different from my own. It was a simple attempt to see a used car and then the process of negotiating began. allow me to inform my dear american colleagues this process is 180 degrees different than in the states. If you do not understand the culture you are dealing with, if you do not "get" that it is you who has to accommodate to their way of thinking and not the other way around, you will loose. For example, at the first sign of employing full disclosure (in a Western sense) they think they have you. I learned very quickly to adopt their way of thinking. Of course, this assumes that I was willing to acknowledge that they think differently than I do, have a set of values different from mine and to say so is not racist. It seemed that once this was communicated to the potential car buyer, all of a sudden the "games" stopped, the deal was made. Regretably the Western leaders, media and especially the academics do not believe any of what I just wrote. This places our culture in extreme danger-time to acknowledge the truth no matter how contrary it is to your personal setof beliefs!

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