Wednesday, May 26, 2010

[70 virgin donkeys?] Booby Trapped Donkey-Drawn Wagon Used in Attempted Attack

IDF Spokesperson Announcement May 25th, 2010

Booby Trapped Donkey-Drawn Wagon Used in Attempted Attack

An explosive device concealed on a donkey-drawn wagon exploded along the
security fence in the northern Gaza Strip earlier this morning. The
explosive device was hidden by a Palestinian terrorist. The device exploded
as the donkey approached the security fence. No injuries or damage was
caused IDF forces. This incident is yet another attempt by terrorists to conceal their
operations using agricultural activities for cover.

Another event in which livestock were used to mask terror operations
occurred on June 6th, 2009 when an attempted terror attack occurred in the
vicinity of the Nahal Oz crossing. Gunmen approached the Gaza security fence
in the area with a number of trucks and five horses carrying explosive
devices. A number of the gunmen were wearing explosive suicide belts.

Also today, several hours later two mortar shells were fired into Israel
from the Gaza Strip, hitting the Ashkelon Shore Regional Council, in the
same area of the explosion.

The IDF holds Hamas solely responsible for terror activities from the Gaza

Comment: Where are the animal rights groups now? Discovery channel, have you done this story? Animal Planet, did you send a film crew to capture the moment and the outrage? Never mind they were trying to murder us,animal cruelty beyond the pale and Obama et al want to engage in conversation this Hamas? This clearly demonstrates the total and complete lack of understanding about Hamas and the Arab-Muslim culture over here-Obama, we do not live in Kansas!

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