Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Wish For A 'Chat' With The Almighty

Nurit Greenger

Wisdom is a complex noun. In a lecture years ago I heard that a Jewish sage once said that each word spoken is energy wasted and a word spoken unnecessarily cuts one's life shorter. To ensure longevity, one needs to carefully select ones' spoken words. According to the sage's wisdom, in many cases, silence is golden.

It may be wise for Israel to finally realize that peace talks with no intent to have peace will never yield peace. What it may do however is shorten the participants' life or attest to their lack of wisdom, or both. So why talk? think that the Left deprives its members of their wisdom. Its ways is to kill one's brain cells, fuzz all logic and reality and make one appear stupid beyond belief. The Left will also blame its flaws and amorality on others. It clearly appears that the Left and Moslems have much in common, among several common behavioral traits both blame others for my sins.

For example: the Left in the USA constantly blames the Republican Party what is simply wrong with the Democratic Party. The Moslem Arabs wanted Hamas thus elected it into power in Gaza. Now the constituents who votes for Hamas are blaming Israel for their own doing.

There is a saying that describes a second marriage as a triumph of hope over experience. This idea relates to other mankind's repetitious behavior. People tend to repeat history and make the same mistakes over and over again, anticipating that "hope" will save them from the next disaster.

When things get tough human beings tend to pray more and harder and ask for God's help. In the year 2010 it seems the world has gone very wrong and even crazy; it may be at a tipping point, at the edge of the precipice ready to fall off; Israel is also at such a tipping point. When humans are facing helplessness and hopelessness they refer to prayers wishing and hoping that God is listening. Is he?

In the last 150 years world's technology has evolved a great deal. Our communication systems, via satellites, allow us to connect, in a split of a moment, with millions of people all over the world. We now have cellular phone, IPhone and IPad. We send text messages to each other rather than call on the phone. We Twitter or use Facebook now serve as our nanosecond communication vehicles. We call each other on Google or Skype and while we 'chat' we can also see and size, on the computer screen, our partner to the chat. I then wonder. Since God is the all mighty, can we text Him, or call Him on Skype? Shouldn't we be able to?

We need to have a serious chat with Him about the state of affairs of our world and our future. A chat about all that has gone wrong with humankind. I want to know the reason for the rise of Islamonazism. I wonder; wasn't God pleased that good people destroyed Nazi Germany less than a century ago? Why bring the Nazi evil back under new guise but with the same purpose to annihilate all Jews and conquer the entire world? I want to ask Him why will Iran be able to have nuclear arsenal to threaten world's security and Israel's existence? Isn't God happy his children have returned to the land He promised and gave them? Why is anti-Semitism on the rise and is rampant? Why Islamofascism jihad terror has become a daily lexicon? Why so many atrocities are taking place in so many places and so very often, but are hardly dealt with properly?. I have so much in question and to question and He, the omnipotent, known to us as the One Above It All, can He answer?

In our prayers we ask for mercy; so why is it that God is not answering our prayers? What do we have to do to have God call us, text us, 'chat' with us? He spoke to us before, through Moses, why not again?

The Greek dramatist, Menander (Menandros) (c. 342–291 BC), considered to be the finest poet of New Comedy, once wrote: "Who has the will has the power." In the Kabbalah book, The Zohar, it is written: "It all depends on the intensity of our desire." In 1708, the Italian Jewish intellectual Asher Viterbo wrote: "All is possible for he who desires." The great Zionist author, Asher Ginzberg, aka Ahad Ha'am, wrote: "Nothing stands in the way of belief." In a book he published in 1926 the writer Ya'akov Cohen wrote: "Nothing stands in the way of will."

The variation of the saying, 'nothing stands in the way of will or desire,' is ubiquitous. By common sense, if one wants something very badly, no obstacle will prevent him or her from obtaining or having it.

This way of thinking applies to Zionist leaders such as the notable Zionist leader Avraham Menachem Mendel Ussishkin and Theodor Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl, the visionary of the State [of Israel] and the father of modern political Zionism. Herzl's famous saying to those who doubted his vision for a Jewish State to serve as a home for all Jews: "If you will it, it is no dream" [אם תרצו אין זו אגדה]" and a dream it was not.

Mankind has established international civilization, its most essential components much depends on science and technology. However, our books of faith and heritage tell us that it all depends on the Creator's will.

So where is God's will to mend the wrongs or rid us off our failings?

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