Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The entire charade is about demonization of Israel

Gaza mission activist: It's just like facing Nazis

Note: The flotilla soon arrives-this is not about humanitarian aide, in fact this group of "peace" individuals have hijacked any humane movement to serve their own purposes-once again the ordinary citizen suffers-this time not only at the hands of the Hamas terrorists but also the MSM and academics promoting intentional misrepresentations of facts. See posts on my right column. This is about lying to the world. The media does not do its job vetting any of the stories and now the use ofNazi image against us is chutspak!Read on to see how the media falls into and plays into our enemies lexicon:

Greek professor on ship heading to Gaza likens mission to Greek aid in face of Nazis during World War II; Swedish participant concerned about IDF response, hopes Israel allows activists to 'meet our Palestinian brothers'

Aviel Magnezi

Skewed sense of history? Eight ships are already making their way through the Mediterranean towards the Gaza Strip in, the framework of a European aid mission - with activists aboard the vessels likening their work to the anti-Nazi effort during World War II.

"We're helping the Palestinians, just like the Greeks helped during World War II against the Nazis," a Greek activist aboard one of the ships told Ynet Tuesday.

Aid Mission
Turkey: Let ships into Gaza / Reuters
Turkey urges Israel to lift Gaza blockade, let in ships carrying humanitarian aid
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The mission was organized by Turkish group IHH as well as other leftist European organizations. The activists taking part in the sailing operation also expressed their fear that the IDF will prevent them from arriving at their destination.

The Greek activist, university professor Vangelis Pissias, told Ynet that he is concerned about harm to human rights anywhere in the world.

"Just like we don't accept the Israeli behavior in Gaza, we will not accept it anywhere," he said. He added that the mission is an anti-violent act, and that participants only wish to offer aid to Gazans and bring the message that "we won't let any military force to keep them in prison."

'It will be a comedy'

The professor stressed that he has nothing against Jews and that he even has Jewish friends. However, he refused to condemn Palestinian terrorism. "These people are doing what reality causes them to do," he said.

Turning his attention to World War II, he added: "Back then we helped the refugees, and we're doing it now too. The Palestinians have the same feelings, they are under attack…and they're fighting for it for lack of other choice."

"The whole world watched Israel's serious crimes in Gaza about a year and a half ago," he said. "Humanity cannot accept it."

Meanwhile, Swedish history professor Mattias Gardel, who will also be heading to Gaza aboard one of the ships, told Ynet mission participants are concerned about human rights in Gaza and do not aim to assault anyone.

Gardel expressed his concern over the prospect of an Israeli military response to the aid mission, stressing that the activists aboard the ships are unarmed.

"We're unarmed, yet they are armed and will be coming with their Navy and commandoes – it will be a comedy," he said. "All of these forces against us. We urge the government to stop the fighters, open the door, and allow us to meet our Palestinian brothers."

Comment: What tragic nonsense-any self respecting Jew should be up in arms and calling their local news media, writing, sending a fax that you demand this media frenzy be stopped. Here is one of many truths-if no media showed up to "cover the event" this would not be duplicated, it would stop. However, I hold the media culpable to any future confrontation and hold them as co-conspirators for any tragic actions that may occur on this voyage.

What BS, "Palestinian brothers"

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