Monday, September 27, 2010

Divide and conquer-it works-read on

Livni to PM: Israel's decisions should facilitate talks


In telephone conversation with Netanyahu, Kadima leader says party will support PM if his decisions ensure success of negotiations; adds that if gov't's moves derail talks, Kadima will react accordingly.

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni (Kadima) told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that Israel's current position is extremely problematic because the country's main focus should be the renewed peace talks with the Palestinians and avoiding the failure of the negotiations. Livni made the comments in a Monday evening telephone conversation with the prime minister.

Livni appeared to be hinting at the fact that Netanyahu's decision not to renew the moratorium on West Bank settlement construction could potentially derail the current peace talks with the Palestinians. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly threatened to leave the talks if the 10-month building freeze is not renewed. "You must make the necessary decisions that will assure continued peace talks and Kadima will support every choice you make towards fulfilling that goal," said Livni.

Livni added that she has avoided publicly criticizing the prime minister's decisions lately and her party will continue in this policy so that negotiations with the Palestinians will have the best chance of succeeding.

She emphasized that if Netanyahu will make decisions that will lead to the failure of the talks, Kadima will be disappointed and will react accordingly.

"Kadima will continue to allow the prime minister to make the correct decisions which will facilitate the negotiations and will oppose any moves that will hurt the success of the talks."

In response to MK Michael Eitan's (Likud) calls to include Kadima in a national unity government, Kadima said that it has "made it clear to [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu, time and time again, that it supports every move which will advance the diplomatic process and will bring Israel a peace deal," according to a press release sent by the party earlier on Monday.

"Livni herself said that Kadima will join the government if Netanyahu is serious about his intentions to reach a full peace deal and will support another coalition if established, which represents these intentions. There is no change in this position."

Kadima should seriously consider every call for a unified government which will advance the diplomatic process in the form of a national agreement, said MK Otniel Shneller.

Earlier Monday, Eitan called to establish a national unity government with Kadima in his personal website.

Kadima's participation in a unified government should be considered as part of the necessary sacrifices which need to be made by Israel at the political level, Eitan said online. The government must be broadened and that can be achieved by including the large opposition group, he explained.

Comment: Kadima commits political blackmail and/or extortion with Livni's comments today. Notice her language, "we will support you long as you continue to do it our way..." OK, I added the code words at the end. Rather than stand united, Kadima puts it political ambiions ahead of what is best for our country-no surprise, typical actions based upon their short history. Also, note, that Kadima supports our enemies by indicating that if the tlks fall apart it is Israel's fault-couldn't be Fatah's, Hamas, Abbas et al, no, it is all us.The audacity of self-expanding importance-unfortunately it is only perceived importance. The key is to listen the next 48 hours to the US President or his useful idiots, listen to how they follow up on this statement by the lady looser.

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