Monday, September 27, 2010

Why are "Palestinians dying violently in Gaza?

Oops, wrong answer, it is not the Israelis-read on:

ICHR Views with Deep Concern the Issuing of a Death Sentence by the Military Court in Gaza City

The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) is deeply concerned about the verdict of the Military Court in Gaza city, issued on Wednesday 22/09/2010, sentencing to death Mr. Omar Hmeidan Kaware', a 28 year old citizen from Khan Younis.

Kaware' was detained on 21/01/2009 by the Internal Security agency, and has been accused of collaboration with hostile parties according to the Revolutionary Penal Law of 1979. The death sentence is to be carried out by fire squad. ICHR considers that this is an indication that death sentences continue to be issued throughout the Palestinian-controlled Territory, a practice that needs to come to an end since it violates the primary right to life and the right to proper legal procedures in front of specialized courts.

In this way ICHR stresses that the issuing of this verdict indicates a serious and dangerous step against the Right to Life and the Right to fair trials, safeguarded by international agreements related to human rights as well as by Palestinian laws.

Maintaining its serious concern regarding the continuation of death sentences, ICHR demands:

- The end of the use of this cruel and inhumane penalty that constitutes a violation of all international conventions on human rights

- Death sentences cease in the future, in line with efforts made by the international community towards abolishing the death penalty, and replacing it with a more humane punishment that achieves criminal justice.

- Calls on the Palestinian National Authority to reconsider the laws and the Palestinian legislation on the death penalty, especially Law No. 74 of 1936, in force in the Gaza Strip, and the Jordanian Penal Code No. 16 of 1960 in force in the West Bank, to enact a unified penal code consistent with the spirit of international conventions and treaties on human rights

Your MSM does not even report these murders, this is what they are. You would not know because today's media is afraid: to write or speak the truth about Gaza; they fear for their own lives should they write the truth;the story is that more Arabs in Gaza have died due to Arabs killing one another than Israelis-demand more information now.

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