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Is Another Holocaust Coming?

The Signs Are There If Jews Only Open Their Eyes

By Bill Narvey

What? Another Holocaust could be just around the bend?

Renowned conservative pundit, Mark Steyn sure seems to think so.

An article, December 6th, 2011 in The Jewish Tribune out of Toronto by Joanne Hill, that likely has not received the attention it deserves, certainly raises the specter of another genocidal holocaust against the Jews, Western society complicit: Resurgence in antisemitism may lead to second Holocaust, Steyn says.

Hill was reporting on a recent address by Steyn to about 1,000 people gathered at Toronto’s Reform Jewish synagogue, Holy Blossom Temple, which focused on resurgent antisemitism, particularly in Europe.

The article’s title is taken from Steyn’s startling dire warning of what the future may hold for us Jews.

Hysteria? Fear mongering? Maybe, but to what purpose and what is in it for Steyn who is not Jewish?

Then again, taking a closer look at all the signs, maybe not.

Maybe Steyn is spot on and what we are witnessing is the world stage being set for a final one act Holocaust reality play that will ultimately see the world rid of Israel and the Jews, once and for all.

So, what are these signs? Jews know that the most ancient of evils, Jew hatred that has taken an unimaginable toll on the Jewish people throughout the millennia, is extant today.

They know that while intractable and unbridled Jew hatred, be it in its purest form or in the guise of Israel hatred, while coming mostly from the Muslim world, is also coming from parts of the Christian and other non-Muslim world.

That millennial old Christian Jew hatred, in recent years has been resurgent as Steyn notes, especially in Europe where Jew hatred is finding increasing expression by word and deed, not just from ordinary citizens, but from European religious, institutional, media and political leaders.

Most, if not all 3rd world non-Muslim countries that have historically had little experience or even contact with Jews and Israel, have for a number of reasons, all bad, found common cause with Muslim nations in their hatred of Jews and Israel.

China, a rising economic powerhouse, also having little to no historical experience and contact with Jews, is aligning with the Muslims, largely because of economic opportunities the Muslim world affords them.

Similarly Eastern Europe, led by Russia, the evil empire as Regan called it, has a very long history of systemic Jew hatred throughout all levels of its society, again seeks to regain world superpower status by cozying up to the Muslim world where it finds many economic opportunities and by trying to build itself up, largely at the West’s expense.

The former Soviet Union, armed the Arabs against Israel as has both Russia and China since. It is Russia that provided Iran the technology and assistance to develop its nuclear program. Both Russia and China have been instrumental in throwing sand in the gears of Western efforts to bring pressure on Iran through largely economic sanctions, to get Iran to abandon their nuclear agenda and WMD aspirations.

Incidentally, Europe that is so dependent on Iranian crude and fearful of blowback should they support sanctions against Iran, have always been wishy washy in that regard and now have announced they are not supportive of sanctions.

Iran talks out of both sides of its mouth when it denies it has any WMD aspirations (a denial that is undeniably false), but maintains its threatening posture and words that it is dedicated to wiping Israel off the map. Add to that, Iran is the greatest sponsor of Islamic Jihad, arming them to not only attack Israel, but the West.

As for Jews – well Holocaust denying Iran, if it can pull the trigger on its goal of bringing a Holocaust to Israel, will be bringing that Holocaust to Jews the world over.

At least the Soviets during the cold war were rational enough to know that a nuclear war with the West would destroy both, so the concept of M.A.D. held the Soviets in check. For Islamic Iran however, the concept of M.A.D. does not enter into the calculation of their national interests and aspirations.

Iran’s leaders are moved only by their religion of Islam to believe that their religious prophecies leading to Islamic world supremacy can only be realized by their leading a deadly apocalyptic showdown with the non-Muslim world, with Israel being the first to go, regardless of how many Muslims must die in the process.

The American led industrialized West, so dependent on Arab oil for almost a century has made itself increasingly vulnerable to the power of Arab oil and wealth.

That economic reality was painfully brought home to the West with the Saudi led oil embargo of 1973 as payback for American and Western support of Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War that enabled Israel to avert being destroyed by the Jew hating genocidal minded Arabs.

That unforgotten lesson and the strong likelihood that the Arabs will use such tactic again if American support of Israel exceeds the tolerance level of Arab Jew haters, weighs heavy on American and Western minds.

America and the West repeatedly declare as a mantra that the vast majority of Muslims are good and decent people, while it is only a relatively very small number of Jihadists that threaten the West. The West knows full well however, that the majority, if not vast majority of the Muslim world are not only Jew haters, but a very great many of them have some sympathies at least, with the Jihadists who express and act on their profound hatred of Jews, Israel and the West.

Fear of hostile and violent Muslim reaction against Western interests in the Muslim Middle East as well as on Western soil, is palpable. That fear too, figures largely in American and Western thinking, positions, policies and actions intended to protect and advance Western interests in the Muslim world and which have a corresponding negative impact on Israel.

These Western policies that have been rightly called appeasement, have been evidenced in the anti-Israel rhetoric and deeds of many Western leaders and media organizations and in Pres. Obama’s various pronouncements such as his apology speech to Al Arabiyya, his Cairo apology tour, his Mid East policies and his continuously singling out Israel to wring concessions from and to blame for the Israel-Palestinian peace process going off the rails as well as on a number of other counts.

What is also significant is that pervasive intractable Arab, Palestinian and Muslim Jew hatred and even their hatred of the West, barely gets mentioned these days, though it is the core reason why Israel has not managed to find a peace solution with the Palestinians and other Arab neighbors and a core reason that puts Western interests in jeopardy.

One cannot ignore as well that the recent upheavals in the Middle East that began in Tunisia, have not led to an Arab Spring ushering in democracy, that the West hoped for. Rather, these upheavals have opened the door for Jew and Western hating Islamists to seize power and drag their people further back into Islamic and Jihadist tyranny.

If that was not enough, Jew hatred is now a full blown sentiment and inspiration for words and deeds of the non-religious secular left wing, so numerous in Western nations.

Why any Jew would want to be affiliated with these left wingers is mind boggling, but many are in one way or another. Go figure!

Can Jews and Israel be saved by the mega millions of Christians, who contrary to some of their Christian brethren, are staunch friends and supporters of Jews and Israel? Maybe, but then again maybe not.

It is no comfort to Jews that Christians don’t even seem willing to stand up for fellow Christians, persecuted in Muslim lands of which there have been increasing reports over the last several decades.

Consider Raymond Ibrahim’s article Muslim Persecution of Christians: November 2011 at: summarizing only some recent instances of hate filled treatment of minority Christians in a number of Muslim nations. There are countless such reports in a similar vein.

The Pope in his recent Christmas address called in banal terms for peace in the world and good will to all, specifically mentioning peace for Israel and Palestinians, but he uttered not a word about Muslim persecution of Christians.

God on High must be shaking his head and sneering in disgust at this Pope who pompously claims to be the Vickar of Christ in this world.

Not to just beat up on the Pope, but Christian leaders and their flocks have simply not come together to fight against this lethal scourge of hatred that so many fellow Christians are being subjected to in a number of Muslim lands.

Perhaps Christians have a sense of security from and are comforted by their numbers of 2.6 million and figure they can afford to lose 1, 10 or even 100 million of their flock and barely notice the loss.

Jews however, number just 13 million. It is no overstatement to say that Jews can ill afford to lose even one Jew to Jew hatred, let alone all of Israel, if Iran and other Jew hating Arab nations and Palestinians had their way.

In spite of all these ominous signs that portend potential existential disaster for Jews and Israel, Jews seem to be more consumed with arguing and fighting over their differing theological, political and ideological differing views on Judaism, Israel and American led Western leadership as it relates to Jews and Israel. Those factional fractious and often hostile and angry opposing views, only serve to injuriously divide and weaken the Jewish community at large and distract it from clearly seeing and reacting to the millennial threat of Jew hatred that is again on the rise and again existentially threatens us all.

The foregoing is only a summary of signs that a confluence of factors are fast coalescing to make a perfect Jew hating storm that could lead to yet another Holocaust for the Jews and Israel, while the West, for reasons of protecting its own interests, could choose to just stand by and let happen.

If Jews are not totally alarmed by the foregoing summary of signs, they need only do a simple internet search with key words to bring up countless pages of links to news reports and articles that will flesh out these signs with so many detailed proofs that Jews will not be able to deny these signs that impending doom could be near.

Yes, it is comforting for Jews to wishfully think and hope that the existential dangers of Jew hatred are not as bad as they seem, that another Holocaust just cannot happen, that coincidence will smile on and spare Jews and Israel or believe, as an article of faith, that God will intervene in a timely fashion to save Jews and Israel and ensure their survival now and forever.

All these comforting thoughts are understandable, but can Jews really afford to find comfort in willful blindness, hopes and prayers and thus figure they have the luxury of time on their hands to take a wait and see attitude?

All the clear, unmistakable and ominous signs are screaming NO!

God helps those who help themselves and by God, Jews have no more moments to spare before coming together now – right now, to begin to fight to avert any chance of disaster befalling them, before that chance is erased by the passage of time and changing circumstance.

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