Saturday, December 24, 2011

Occupy DC flies al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hizballah flags

Jihad Watch

The Leftist/jihadist alliance has been on abundant display during the Occupy protests. At Occupy DC it is taking an especially sinister turn: "Inside Occupy D.C.," from Bill Gertz's Inside the Ring in the Washington Times, December 21 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

People monitoring the Occupy D.C. movement tell Inside the Ring that the two encampments are fast becoming health hazards. Numerous protesters also recently were sickened with unusual respiratory illnesses.

The major emerging problem for the leftists camped out in tents at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza is rats. The rodents appear to be moving into the area by the hundreds, and their numbers are increasing daily. The McPherson camp appears be where more radical leftists are based. An observer familiar with the McPherson camp said one distinctive smell coming from the park area is that of methamphetamine being smoked.

Among the flags being flown by some protesters are those from the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, the Iranian-backed Hezbollah and al Qaeda.

Comment: Author Profile Page Franklin Amman | December 23, 2011 8:57 AM | Reply

A parable about rats which easily projects onto all parasitic appendages,
Author Profile Page StephenA55 | December 23, 2011 8:58 AM | Reply

But surely this is old news, about the many hundreds of rats assembling in these camps?

Or do you mean the actual rodents?
Author Profile Page NextVoiceUHear | December 23, 2011 9:47 AM | Reply

Of course all of us have heard of the documented supporters of OWS here:

Then there are the documented reports of OWS riotous and destructive behavior listed here:

The very existance of our blessed Republic, and the destiny of the planet itself hang in the balance.

Author Profile Page exsgtbrown | December 23, 2011 9:59 AM | Reply

I can't wait to ask my occupier loving landlord about this newest revelation..He did get angry with me when I pointed out that the occupiers in various locations were destroying property, having rapes, closing businesses, harrassing citizens, leaving bio-hazard debris laying on the ground, deficating on police cars, looting, spreading anti-semitic slurs and carrying anti=semitic signs, dishonoring the American flag, carrying anti-American signs, and conducting other various acts that are leading to an eventual violent confrontation with law and order and the true freedoms of the country...MY landlord complained about the police pepper spraying incident...I told my landlord the people had refused a lawful police order to disperse so that the roadway could be opened up and that the people told the police to go ahead and spray them...
My landlord hates the police and still suffers from Bush Derangement Syndrome and he loves Obama...He really hates it when I bring up some of Obama's activities...but I am rambling aren't I?...
But I am going to point out a little information about Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hizballah credos and activities to my landlord and ask him what he thinks about the connection between Islamic terrorist groups and occupiers...
Author Profile Page Battle_of_Tours replied to comment from Franklin Amman | December 23, 2011 10:11 AM | Reply

Good one, Franklin. "It was pretty obvious that they had nothing but contempt for the man and that they considered his house to be their house… They're essentially parasitical and create nothing except more rats."

Must be suffering "ratophobia". Rats don't give a rat'sass about peaceful coexistence. Ditto Islam, produces nothing but more Islam, more "allahakhbars"… and more rats.
Author Profile Page Smredneck5 | December 23, 2011 10:26 AM | Reply

The Occupy movement claims to be for freedom, justice, equality etc. Yet they are against those principles when they fly flags of jihadi groups.

How ironic.

(See Qur'an 59:2)

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